Full Moon in Virgo / Spring Equinox – March 2022

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We close out the astrological year in Pisces with a Full Moon in service-oriented Virgo on March 18 @ 12:18am PST just before the Equinox on March 20, when the Sun enters Aries. With the Sun, Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury in sensitive Pisces, compassion and empathy is stimulated, while your dreams and intuition offer images, messages or whispers as breadcrumbs to gently guide you forward. Tune in to your Self and your spirit to access the gifts that are available for you.

Virgo loves order, cleanup, clearing and wellness, so take inventory of your health habits, movement, food and environment. Whatever needs attention needs attention! It’s your job to take care of yourself before you serve others, so that you are operating from a place of well being, but Pisces and Virgo can both sacrifice and drain themselves for others by default. Stay conscious. We need you at your best – and the sacrifice/service lifestyle is old school.

Consider this a choice point. Don’t drag unproductive routines, identities, ideas, relationships, dynamics and behaviors into Aries season. More than ever before, it’s crucial to be willing to be renewed, in a fresh state, fully present. Decide moment by moment what feels right and sit with any indecision. No rush, no manic actions. Flow like the Pisces fish, but with an analytical Virgo mind, and release what no longer serves you; dare to find out who you are without (fill in the blank). With Saturn squaring the North Node, we are being forced to let go of things that have served us in the past but are no longer useful.

The Full Moon is in a Grand Trine with Pluto and the North Node of Destiny, indicating that there are karmic opportunities in place to align certain people, groups and events to advance our collective path – and it may affect you personally as well. With the Sun sextile Pluto, great strength and stamina is available, so focus on your dreams, visions, inner guidance and take practical actions as the collective transforms.

Venus squares Uranus on March 19 creating a shakeup regarding your relationship, desires, money, values (including Self) or creativity. You may decide to make a change or it comes at you, but because it’s a square, it will likely be unexpected and require an adjustment or reconfiguration. This may reference an issue from 2021, as it’s at the degree of the Saturn-Uranus square, so be prepared to be adaptable. And if you want something, ask for it, get it, communicate your needs. Don’t withhold and then act out.

March 20 is the Vernal (Spring) Equinox at 8:33am PST when the Sun enters Aries, a new beginning. Aries is direct, action-oriented, impulsive and ready to go. However, you may be exhausted and still recovering from a soul-weary experience of the past few years, so calibrate your rhythm according to how you feel and don’t push yourself beyond your available energy. Allow yourself to move organically.

Mercury is conjunct Jupiter on March 20/21, activating big ideas, visions and plans for who you can connect with to make things happen. You will likely feel more inspired, ready to get in the game, even if it’s just in a mind-mapping phase. But if you are ready, this is a good time to plant your dreams, record your download, journal, or share with a partner or colleague. You should be in an optimistic frame of mind, which is also ripe for receiving good news and expanding your conceptual framework. Yes!

Mars squares Uranus on March 22 at 12º (Saturn square Uranus 2021 degree), triggering a clash or conflict, which can be personal and/or collective. Easy does it today – no risky behavior or choices. This can manifest as rebelling against authority or breaking out wherever you feel oppressed, restrained or blocked from freedom. It’s really about claiming your right to do your thing, your way – for better or worse. Individuation or insubordination. If you have to go against authority, I suggest not doing it now – and finding a smoother path that won’t rock the boat so much (unless you want that).

Mercury is conjunct Neptune on March 23, which supports mystical and intuitive pursuits, as well as imagination and all creative activities. Mercury-Neptune is beautiful for writing, poetry, film, words to create imagery, song lyrics and music or chants/mantras. Mercury-Neptune allows for Higher Self connections, meditations, dreams and connecting with others from a higher dimension (also with Guides, Angels and Beings of Light). 

Mercury-Neptune is a soft energy with the capacity for channeling messages that can inform your path forward, with the Sun in Aries, and it can offer nuances to your Mercury-Jupiter ideas. The softness of Pisces with the assertiveness of Aries is a beautiful combo, when you use them together deliberately. If not, they can work against each other, like a push (Aries) – pull (Pisces undertow), so choose when to take action and move forward and when to go within, rest and access your Inner Guidance.

We are turning a corner energetically, into a new space, where we’ve never been before. A new land, a foreign experience, where our job is to choose to drop the drama (how you react) – and ground in creating stability and simplicity. 

Remember what you’ve learned personally from the pandemic shutdown, as there were profound lessons involved in that event. Don’t allow yourself to be run by fear or your frequency will be at a low vibration, easy to control. Stay open to new info and perspectives if you want to grow. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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