Full Moon in Virgo / Mercury Direct – March 2020

We begin the week with a Mercury slowdown, preparing to go Direct – and we approach a Full Moon in Virgo as well, which heightens the emotional energy all weekend, so step one, easy does it…

Don’t be alarmed if Mercury Retrograde issues are highlighted over the next few days with mixups, miscommunications or snafus. Move slowly and be flexible. Be the Light.

Sun, March 8 is Daylight Savings Time, as most of us spring forward one hour – and we have two important aspects.

First, the Sun conjunct Neptune, which creates a dreamy feeling that can slow you down, draw your attention inward and enhance your intuition.

Sun-Neptune is perfect for spiritual and creative pursuits, leisure or being in nature, so take the day off if you can and indulge in some mental relaxation (movies, play, contemplation, being in/near the water). Higher Self exploration and intuitive guidance is fruitful and abundant.

Spiritual practice is the most powerful action you can take to offset the drama in the world. Use it with reverence to stabilize and come back to your center.

Next, Venus is conjunct Uranus on March 8, activating changes re: your style, desires, relationships, your value or your creativity. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly want to try something very different than what or who you would normally do/be. Express yourself and have fun, step out of the box!

But if you meet someone who is AMAZING, enjoy – and go slowly, so as not to go all in on a dream lover. Fantasy is a Neptunian experience, which is divine for creativity, but problematic in relationships, so be aware that the “perfect” person you just met may not be so perfect. Blind spots (idealizing) are part of this setup.

If something is calling for change within you and you don’t act on it, you may experience an external shift. Uranus not only rules change, but also your Authentic Self, so changes are an outpicturing of something within you. Be proactive and express your uniqueness on this dreamy Neptunian Sunday to honor your Self.

On Mon, March 9 we have the next two major aspects:

The Full Moon in Virgo is on Mon, March 9 @ 10:48am PT and 1:48pm ET. The focus is on getting life in order, clearing anything extraneous and implementing rituals to help you maintain a practical sense of stability. Decide what you want to focus on in the coming month and make plans to align with that energy.

Mercury in Aquarius turns Direct on Mon, March 9 and it can help you gain clarity around going forward. Aquarius is a visionary energy that does not seek agreement, rather, it’s independent, progressive and bold. Notice the info that’s revealed to you with each passing day and you’ll know when it’s time to take action and what you want to do.

The next powerful aspect is on Wed, March 11 when the Sun is in harmony with expansive Jupiter, planet of possibilities and the big picture. This is a lucky day in general, good for taking actions re: launching, inviting, asking for something, negotiating or connecting.

You may have more clarity around your vision for going forward, as disparate pieces come together or new opportunities magically arrive in your space. This feels like a blessing after all the messy, unfocused energies of the past few weeks. Enjoy!

By the end of the week you will be in a very different place in consciousness, with a clearer picture of your next steps, even if it’s not yet time to implement them.

Later this month the energy will shift dramatically when we move into Aries, so don’t worry (another Pisces energy)… you are moving forward.

Trust your process. Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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