Full Moon in Virgo – March ’17

Now that Mars (action) has shifted from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus, the pace will slow down so you can ground and center more easily, which is a blessing. Take a breath…

On Sunday morning we have a  Full Moon in Virgo, with Chiron (the wound/wounded healer) on the Sun in dreamy Pisces. There’s an abundance of Pisces energy – the S. Node (past), Neptune, Sun, Chiron and Mercury (the mind), and all this can lift you up – or bring you down.

Because Chiron is on the Full Moon, it’s a powerful time to be aware of what needs healing within you. Whatever is “off” in your life is a message – illustrating that something is out of  alignment within you. You have the power to change it, but first you must determine what the real problem is – and then be willing to do the work to move through it. It’s not always easy, but you are always worth it – and there’s a greater purpose for your healing – it’s meant to lead you somewhere new!

Higher expressions of Pisces are the experience of Oneness, compassion, empathy, imagination, Higher Self, spiritual practices that call you within – or there are lower expressions – anxiety/depression, worry, addiction, escapism, victimhood, martyr energy and suffering in general.

Pisces energy can range from blissful highs to the  deepest  despair. It’s important to know that all the expressions described above are a channel of energy – and that you can shift from the lower expressions into the higher expressions of the energy. That’s what healing is – as well as spiritual growth and evolution – moving from lower expressions of an energy into its higher expressions.

If there’s anything I  can urge you to do, it’s to commit to your own healing and growth. You aren’t meant to suffer long term – pain is meant to get you to make a move.

Serious Saturn squares Mercury in creative Pisces, which may be asking you to take actions to make your vision real. Illusion is beautiful for imagining, but in order to make actual progress you have to get organized and create structures that are solid.

The lower expression of a Saturn Mercury square is thinking yourself out of your dream, allowing some inner voice (or outer authority) to tell you “No.” Saturn square Mercury can create discouragement or commitment. You decide. If you feel discouraged, find a way to become inspired.

Saturn is approaching a square to the Sun by the end of the week, which tests your commitment to your goals. Once you are “all in,” handle challenges as they appear – and your work is to stay positive (remember why you are doing what you’re doing), even if you hit a bump in the road.

Being philosophical (a Sagittarius trait) rather than judgmental will serve you as well. When you find meaning from your experiences you are in your power.

And Venus is still Retrograde, which invites you to explore your beliefs about your value, love, your lovability – and any old heartwounds that may need care and attention.

This Full Moon in Virgo is on the axis of compassion, empathy, Oneness and service. Clean up, get organized, feel into where you are going and what needs focus now. Be intuitive about your journey. Feel where you’re being called – and trust yourself.

Find your tribe so that you have support along the way. Your life is a sacred journey and please treat yourself as the precious gem that you are.

Namaste, Pioneers.


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