Full Moon in Virgo – February 27, 2021

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We have a Full Moon in Virgo tonight (Feb 27 at 12:17am PT), which brings things to Light, creates fulfillment, endings, or completions. The Sun in Pisces rules imagination, dreams, intuition, empathy and compassion – the inner planes, where infinite possibilities lie. 

The Moon in analytical Virgo rules service, health, order and details, and the Pisces-Virgo axis facilitates the application of imagination with practical service/organization. Whether you serve the well being of others or Feng Shui your space, you can do something productive to upgrade your life. 

Doing what’s useful is the name of the game for Virgo – and releasing what’s no longer viable is at the top of the list, so take inventory to see if you’re clinging to old ideas, ways of operating or just holding on to anything that’s past its expiration date. Habits are the #1 place to look. Are they serving you, or just routine? Be willing to let go of what’s outdated – you never know what may arrive when there’s space available…

Uranus trines the Full Moon, which fuels creative changes (invigorating, stimulating) and creates new neural pathways. Every time you do something different or make a change, you expand your world, so be open to impulses or opportunities that arise now. This is harmonious, which should be fun! The shift you experience can be internal or external, but any external change in your universe is usually a mirror of your inner evolution. Yes!

Since Mercury went Direct on Feb 20, all planets are Direct until late April, which offers you a powerful opportunity to move forward with fewer obstacles. This is a long stretch of time for all planets Direct! If there’s anything you want to manifest or do, this is an opportune time to make a plan and take actions.

On March 3, Venus is sextile Uranus, supporting changes in relationships, relationship patterns (how you operate), how you value your Self, your style, spending – and who you attract. You may change your mind about a relationship or you may have an unexpected encounter. This is a good day for a haircut, a makeover or shopping, as well as connecting with friends and loved ones. Enjoy!

March 4 brings Mercury conjunct Jupiter for the third time, that began in mid-January. A story that began then may reach a conclusion, but in any event it’s a combo that can bring good news, optimism, positive communications and smart plans that serve you well. This is a good time to seek business opportunities and to trust ideas that arise for you. Between yesterday and today, you never know what may happen, so be open and receptive to the possibilities!

During this Sun in Pisces backdrop, tap into your deepest dreams, Higher Self guidance and rest in meditation, spiritual practice, nature, music, dance or creativity. The idea is to go within to rejuvenate,

being fed by Yin energy. 

You are evolving and your consciousness is being restructured in profound and subtle ways. Pay attention to how you feel and what calls to you. Tune in to your Inner Self to access your soul’s path and guidance. This is a precious period of internal development and evolution, even when it seems like nothing is happening. It is. It always is.

“Most people are copies of someone else, imitating what others do. Be a different individual, expressing the very best of your own unique nature.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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