Full Moon in Virgo – February 24, 2024

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Feb 23 – Mercury enters sensitive Pisces and rather than the usual details and precise info, in Pisces it is diffuse, like a Monet painting – dreamy, lyrical, soft, mystical. Allow your mind to see through the lens of compassion and love.

Feb 24 – Full Moon in Virgo @ 5º Virgo at 4:30am PST. The Full Moon brings things to light. The Virgo Moon is practical, wanting you to recognize what’s working and what’s not. Trust that you are being shown what you need to know and that you have the ability to make the needed changes. 

Identify what needs attention or an upgrade, as Virgo rules health and wellness; the body (food, exercise, holistic care), and Pisces is spiritual experiences, imagination, connection to nature and leisure. Allow yourself care by seeking the support or healing you need to feel whole and fully present. 

Mercury, the Sun and Saturn are conjunct in Pisces (this will be exact on Wed), and serious decisions and conversations will likely occur during this period. If something’s outdated, shaky or unsustainable, let it go. Anything that you’re dragging along should go – and if you are in denial, this is meant to get your attention. Consider this triple conjunction that culminates on Oct 28 is a wake-up call, because Saturn (planet of reality and limitations), is leading the way into new territory. 

Jupiter sextiles Saturn. Expansive Jupiter in earthy Taurus helps to balance the Saturn limits by offering  optimism and a big picture vision, so you can see that progress is possible and available. 

The North Node and Chiron in Aries are still conjoined and they hold the potential for profound awakenings re: info about your purpose, next steps or a new awareness of your significance, so stay awake to signs, helpers (seen and unseen), and messages from the Universe that will guide you on your path forward . 

Feb 24 – Venus square Jupiter. You are ready to enjoy and indulge (fun!), but the square implies no limits to the good times (BIG fun!). So watch for overdoing, whether shopping, eating, partying, loving, giving, spending, displaying generosity – it is joyful, as long as you are making conscious choices and don’t end up with regrets. 

Feb 27 – Mars square Jupiter. Mars-Jupiter in harmony is highly effective for taking actions with great enthusiasm, but in a square, Mars-Jupiter can be risk-taking, impulsive, reckless and over-confident with bad judgment. Stop and think before you act – the more deliberate you are, the greater your chance for success. With intention, you can take bold actions that will serve you well, but know that the next day you encounter the triple conjunction with Saturn – and if you go over the limit, Saturn will let you know it. But if you have to make a big move, this could help you.

Feb 28 – Mercury, Sun, Saturn (triple conjunction) exact in Pisces. Decisions, serious conversations, endings, conclusions. See the mention above.

Feb 29 – Mercury sextile Jupiter. Good news, bright ideas, positive thinking, fruitful conversations, upbeat mindset, stretching beyond your usual boundaries. Great for networking, reaching out, smart decisions. Leap day – if it feels aligned, take a leap! 

We close out this month that began with a heavy intellectual Aquarius emphasis, including Pluto, and end with sensitive Pisces more dominant, but just barely. Don’t push yourself, but do notice what needs your attention and where you need support. You are your job.

Focus on impeccable Self-care, knowing that there are ongoing energetic activations and frequencies that our minds can’t comprehend in these transformational times. Be mindful of your thoughts and what you allow into your mental space, as both Virgo and Pisces have shadow sides that can go down the rabbit hole of worry, overthinking and despair.

You have the power to break any dysfunctional pattern by shifting your focus out of the illusion and bringing it back to your truth. The truth of Who You Are. And about the actions you need to take to move forward – things will happen when you’re ready, in Divine Timing. So don’t stress, don’t push, but do make yourself available and stay awake.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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