Full Moon in Virgo – Feb 16, ’14

Celestial Dynamics


We continue with expansive Jupiter in Direct motion and Mars still in Retrograde, going back over old territory this week. Course corrections and reorganizations are in alignment with Mars Retrograde, so continue working on projects already begun and other works in progress, guided by your Higher Self/inner wisdom, while accessing your inner genius (yes, you have this!). 

Relationships are ripe for reorienting or reinventing with Mars in Libra, so use this energy to take a deeper look at your connection with others. For best results, be willing to look at where YOU are out of integrity or where you set up the other person up to be wrong or disappointing. 

It is usually unconscious or unintentional, but looking at your part in the problem is high level work that can change everything in your life if you’re willing to do it. It’s so much easier to blame others for your feelings and make them wrong, but it really won’t help you.  

Want to be happy AND be in integrity? Check your own motives and methods; this is where the power lies.

We are approaching a Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday and as always, the emotional energy increases as we draw closer to it. This Full Moon is supported by a harmonious Saturn aspect, grounding and stabilizing the mutable Pisces/Virgo energy. This is great for solidifying new structures that are moving into place for you.

Tap into the gentle Pisces energy and allow it to lift you into a vibration of Oneness in order to access a Higher Self perspective for your life going forward, while allowing the Virgo Moon to get your life in order :))

We are in a time of change that is sometimes hard to navigate or pinpoint, because it’s not linear – and your old reference points may not be relevant for where you are going. 

How do you know what to keep and what to let go of? It’s necessary to be connected to your intuition and inner guidance, while you are called forward by what stimulates you and makes you feel expanded. 

Allow what’s new and good in your life and use it well. This is how you create alignment with your Higher Self now! 

If you don’t know, do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself in practical ways, but don’t make fear-based decisions. They will never align you with your Authentic Self.

You can be practical without being in fear. A “survival” mentality is a lower energy that will keep you stuck in contraction. Telling yourself scary stories about you, your life or the world will not help you rise to a higher level.  

Seek inspiration if you feel yourself sinking emotionally. Make it your business to find uplifting people and messages wherever you can.

We’re going to be moving into challenging energies in the weeks to come, and the more aligned you are with a positive vision for yourself now, the better off you will be.

Surround yourself with love, light, inspiration and “can do” people who are generous of spirit. Make it your business to connect to your needs and find ways to get them met.

I wish you love and Light on this Full Moon in Virgo. Prioritize and create order in your life and clear away whatever you no longer need.



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