Full Moon in Taurus

October 29, ’12
2:15 am ET

We’re approaching a Full Moon late Sunday/early Monday morning, and we have “weather drama” along with it here on the East Coast.

Remember, approaching a Full Moon is like blowing up a balloon and as we get closer to it, the pressure builds and people get more emotional and reactive. The Moon rules emotions, so easy does it…

To create more space, take twice as much time to do half as many things.

Also remember that creating drama is an invitation to chaos. Don’t go there. Stay in your center and consider thoughtfully so you can respond rather than react to anything.

The Sun is in Scorpio now and we are firmly in the deep water. Don’t be surprised to discover hidden agendas, thoughts and patterns – they are being brought to your attention so that you can consciously deal with them (in you and/or in others).

If you discover anything within yourself that is not what you prefer, appreciate that it was once a strategy or behavior that served a purpose and now that’s over. Don’t deny it – it will only go underground and come out another (inconvenient) way.

Love and accept yourself — all of yourself — by taking the judgment off. Just notice and say, “Wow, that’s interesting.” See what happens if you are conscious without judgment. Consider it a science experiment!

I’d love to hear what happens for you… :)

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