Full Moon in Taurus – November 2019

This is a powerful week where things may come to light or you experience the culmination of events. We are approaching Tuesday’s Full Moon in Taurus and the outer planets are lining up to play their part in our experience.

Today is a beautiful day for experiencing drawing from the higher realms and 3D. Saturn (reality) and Neptune (dreams) are each in their own sign, where they express themselves best, offering the optimal broadcast.

This is the final pass of the 2019 Saturn-Neptune sextile (a supportive aspect), allowing you to bring your dreams into reality. If you have a decision to make, use your intuition as well as practical considerations to guide you forward.

From Nov 9-13 Retrograde Mercury backs into planetary aspects that it passed over from Oct 13-19, so look for “Part 2” of a story that began then. In late Nov, Mercury Direct will travel this path again and you may find a resolution or shift anything unresolved/needing an upgrade then. I invite you to reflect and pay attention to unfolding events during these time frames.

On Nov 9-10 Mercury sextiles Pluto, bringing new info and communication where hidden truths may come to light. Simultaneously, the energy is amping up as we approach the Full Moon, like blowing up a balloon. Easy does it and resist going into reaction about anything you see, hear or think. Be Spock (logical) and stay cool :))

On Nov 11 Mercury backs over the Sun, aligning the mind with the will, which is a satisfying and productive connection. Make the most of conversations and communications today!

The Full Moon in Taurus is on Nov 12 @ 8:34am EST. Scorpio rules power and what’s hidden, the mysteries of life and death (transformation), as well as other peoples’ $$ and values. Taurus rules what you value, how you value your Self, $$, comfort, the body and nature. Security is primary with this opposition – as well as rebirth and personal evolution.

The Sun and Moon are in harmony with Saturn (structure), Pluto (power) and Neptune (dreams), which is creative, fertile and ripe for personal development that can serve a bigger purpose when aligned with your Higher Self. Feel into goals and intentions that support you – and the Greater Good as well. Be mindful of what to keep and what to let go of. Decisions made now will serve you well when you’re aligned with your Higher Self.

Mars (action) is in harmony with Jupiter (Higher Truth), which gives you extra inspiration and Jupiter is sitting near the Galactic Center (profound energy that feeds our galaxy). There are infinite possibilities available to you during this time of transformation, but you have to believe and tap into what’s available to find the magic. Your Divine path. Feel your way through.

Nov 13 is a powerful day for creating, planning, connecting and finding new solutions to old problems – or new ways of going forward. Make the most of it! Take actions toward what you want on this day…

Venus squares Neptune on Nov 14 and you may not know what’s real, but you can use the energy to expand beyond your linear mind and open to a higher, intuitive understanding of your world and direction. Don’t get jammed up with logic; move beyond old boundaries to discover new paths of opportunities to support your expansion.

Practice receiving your Highest Good this week and trust your inspiration. Jupiter is in the final degrees of inspirational Sagittarius on the Galactic Center, leading us forward, creating infinite possibilities. The only limitations you face are those that are within you.

Think big and open to all that is available to you in these unprecedented times!

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