Full Moon in Taurus – Nov 2017

We have a Full Moon tonight in grounded Taurus – sign of values, the earth, self-esteem, security and what’s familiar. Taurus loves comfort and sensual desires; it’s easygoing, enjoys pleasure, resists drama and change.

However, the Taurus Moon is opposed by the deep, passionate Sun in Scorpio, that digs up buried info, feelings and experiences with a mission to bring darkness to Light. To get real. To face secrets, hidden agendas and shadow energy that we hide, forget or deny. (Think sex scandals, political reveals, etc).

Scorpio is the sign of transformation – the death of the false Self and the birth of the Authentic Self. Don’t be afraid that your darkness or secrets are You. They are experiences or beliefs that you fear are You. They are transgressions that need to be cleaned up and integrated. But they are not YOU. You are still the pure Spirit who came into this life underneath it all.

Fear motivates people to do things they wouldn’t do if they felt safe, as well as negative programming that warps your values or beliefs. Scorpio highlights the truth of what’s hidden, but it also rules transforming that energy so it leaves you changed with greater wisdom and compassion for yourself and others. If you did “that,” wouldn’t you have compassion for others, too?

Speaking of compassion, this Full Moon connects to Jupiter and Neptune – two idealistic signs. Jupiter magnifies and Neptune adds compassion, imagination, Higher Self energy and creativity. Then to add to the mix, Uranus (change) opposes Venus (ruler of Taurus), injecting an energy of sudden change, excitement or surprise.

You may experience this Full Moon in a few different ways. You can use it for your personal evolution, by honoring your Self and purging secrets or shadowy behaviors that aren’t serving you; by unburdening yourself. You can deliberately raise your game, release anything that’s no longer useful and take actions toward a bigger vision for yourself (Jupiter/Sun in Scorpio).

This can be a highly romantic, sensual time when you connect more deeply with your partner, find new ways to show your love, or attract unexpected relationships that reflect some new element of you.

You can review your beliefs about and ways of handling $$ and earned income. Are your ways working for you – or do they cause you stress and limitation? You can change your circumstances if you commit to doing the personal work required to create a shift.

All these are opportunities available on this Full Moon. It opens doors of abundance and possibilities for pleasure, for productivity and healing. You get to decide what to focus on and which way to go.

Make the energy conscious or someone may suddenly blindside you with an unexpected change. Or you may fall under the spell of dark desires (overspending, inappropriate sex or romance, overindulging) if you go unconscious.

This is a good week for growing, stretching, loving, connecting, feeling good and being happily productive. Jupiter adds a blessing in powerful Scorpio and all week it’s moving toward Venus (coming attractions for next week!).

Enjoy, stretch and reach for the stars in your world. The feeling of well being is under-appreciated in our consumer-driven, ego-obsessed Facebook, Instagram, Twitter culture.

Your well being is internal and transmits to everyone you interact with. Imagine how our world would be if everyone had their basic needs met with a feeling of safety and appreciation. Let it begin with you – and get help if you need it.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…


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