Full Moon in Taurus / Mercury Direct – Oct / Nov 2020

We open the weekend with a Full Moon in Taurus on Halloween, Oct 31 @ 7:49am PT, with Uranus, (the unexpected) on the Moon. Every Full Moon amplifies emotions, but Uranus on the Moon adds an extra layer of anxiety or nervous energy to the already high octane vibe of the Full Moon. 

This Halloween may be more “tricky” than “treaty,” with a surprise in store. I don’t know if anybody is trick or treating this year, but please be mindful of where you go, what you do and who you interact with. This setup is ripe for something unanticipated, so don’t take risks (wear a mask with your mask!) or go unconscious.

The ultimate goal of Uranus is liberation and authenticity, so if anything should appear or disappear suddenly from your life around this Full Moon (which is always about completions or when things come to light), know that the universe is operating for your benefit. That’s my perspective. 

Uranus can suddenly bring things in or take things out, often where you’re stuck and won’t take action. So stay tuned and let’s see what happens this weekend. If you want to be proactive, it’s the perfect time for change – and with Mercury and Mars both Retrograde, anything that needs a course correction is ripe for a redo! 

On Nov 1, Daylight Savings Time ends and Mercury Retrograde backs into a square with Saturn, indicating a conflict or obstacle around info, communication, contracts, agreements or points of view. Serious Saturn represents authorities, the government, discipline and long-term commitments (vows). Considering that this is two days before the presidential election, some info will likely be revealed this weekend – and then debated or disputed by the two parties. 

Personally, Mercury square Saturn can appear as additional info, work or detail required to move a project forward, a miscommunication or a the inability to reach an agreement. The key to solving a Mercury-Saturn obstacle is to find out what’s needed and then do the work. If you have conflicting ideas re: a deal or contract, see what you can agree on and start from there. Patience is required (no shortcuts) and it’s best to get yourself organized. 

Mercury-Saturn can create a sense of feeling misunderstood or not heard and can leave you frustrated and it can also activate a negative attitude. You are responsible (Saturn) for your mindset (Mercury), so find a way to shift yourself if you start going down a rabbit hole of depression, hopelessness or pessimism. Get care if you need it, as you can’t create what you want from a low vibration.


Because this aspect returns on Nov 6 after Mercury turns Direct and comes back into a square with Saturn, this conflict will either be resolved then – or may not be resolved, with ongoing negotiations or diligence required in order to make progress or create resolution. Discipline and methodical actions are called for with this combo. 

Mercury goes Direct on Nov 3 (election day), indicating the potential for incomplete, inaccurate or unreliable info, chaos or miscommunication – a recipe for stress and upset if you’re attached to getting clear answers. The day Mercury begins its forward motion is ripe for confusion, so take a step back and wait until more info is forthcoming. 

This means that we likely won’t have a definitive election result on Nov 3 – and with the Mercury-Saturn squares this week, the election may be contested for one reason or another, whether accusations re: voter tampering or vote counting – these are Mercury issues (info) and Saturn is the authorities, including the Supreme Court. You can’t make this stuff up…

After Mercury turns Direct, watch for incoming info, as Mercury picks up steam in the coming days. Be open to new insights and perspectives that will inform your decisions or direction leading to 2021. Also, this is an opportunity to integrate the info, lessons, and experiences you’ve had over the past 3 weeks into your life going forward. Move gently and don’t be in a hurry. Life will unfold at the perfect pace, even with seeming delays or disruptions, and more will be revealed…

I wonder if you realize how profoundly this experience has affected you re: your beliefs about yourself, your life, the world and the future? I hope that you are finding ways to stay engaged with life that keeps you growing, learning and creating, so the shutdown doesn’t shut YOU down.

However you do it, find your own way to nurture yourself and participate in something meaningful for you. That’s my recipe for self-care during a revolutionary personal and global experience – and stay connected to others who inspire you and/or warm your heart.

We’re going to get through this – and remember that you are here on purpose. Your job is to find the most satisfying way to take care of yourself and contribute to the Greater Good. Your special gifts are needed now, more than ever! And whatever you’re going through, keep going… :)) 

As always, I’m grateful for your presence on our path together. xo

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