Full Moon in Scorpio, North Node in Leo – May 2017

We kick off the week with Mercury conjunct Uranus, so watch for unexpected changes, excitement, info or radical ideas/actions. Stay open to possibilities (and solutions) that are outside the box. Be willing to look at things in new ways. Same old, same old is over!

The beauty of this energy is it  can shift your world in an instant. When your thoughts change, life changes. You never know what bright ideas you may have – or that may come to you through others.

For best results be present, curious and flexible. Mercury-Uranus can illustrate your genius or someone else’s, but know that any changes you experience are being activated by you, consciously or unconsciously. The opportunity is realignment in some new way so keep your mind o-p-e-n!

On May 9 – Nov 2018, the North Node goes into Leo and the South Node into Aquarius. The N. Node in Leo asks you to step into leadership, visibility and Self-expression. The S. Node is old non-working behavior that’s unproductive and in Aquarius it may be various forms of separation or detachment. Pay attention to how you can utilize the N. Node energy in healthy ways as a path of evolution for you.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is on May 10th @ 5:42pm EDT. Scorpio is deep and brings hidden things to light, so watch for suppressed or repressed feelings, info and gifts you didn’t know you had. And easy does it on the few days leading up to the Full Moon, when emotions are heightened and people are more sensitive.

Pluto (Ruler of Scorpio, transformation) is in harmony with this Full Moon, which gives it more stabilizing power and supports epiphanies and breakthroughs for healing and awakening. Make good use of this powerful energy!

Saturn is squaring Chiron for weeks now, and it calls for you to claim your inner Authority. Along with the Full Moon in Scorpio with Pluto, this energy supports you in trusting your intuition, which allows you to stand in your power. You have to learn to trust your Self in order to be your power.

Forget conventional wisdom. Don’t look for approval or permission to do what feels right for you. Get support if you need it, but learn to connect with your Higher Self or inner guidance and feel what feels right for YOU.

Self-trust is a game-changer. Mercury-Uranus can channel genius, brilliance and innovation. Think for yourself. The N. Node in Leo asks you to express yourself – to open up and show up. Big stuff! Start where you are and do what you can do.

You’re spiraling up, no longer focused on the status quo, but rather, where you’re meant to be going. And only YOU can know, step by step…

This is the game you’re playing now. Bigger. Bolder. It may seem riskier, but that’s only an illusion, as you came to be part of this shapeshifting world, now.

Namaste, Pioneers. Find the courage to contribute your gifts to this new frontier!

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