Full Moon in Scorpio – May 2019

We have four planets in earthy Taurus supporting a focus on financial security and how you want to live your life. With Venus in Taurus, comfort (and even luxury) is primary, as Venus rules Taurus, bringing out her sensual, indulgent nature. Six out of ten planets are in earth signs, which is a lot of practical, “make it real” energy. Great for manifesting.

We are approaching a Full Moon on Sat May 18, with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in passionate Scorpio. This is the culmination of something or when things come to light – and it’s useful for integration or to create balance in some way. This Full Moon has added elements that can make it even more productive.

On May 18, Mercury trines Pluto, facilitating deep conversations, insights or a penetrating vision. With this, you can illuminate shadows and shift your perspective, path or purpose. As you move into the Full Moon, focus on your direction/intention going forward and use the hyper-focus as a navigation tool.

Also on May 18, Uranus (change) connects with Venus, activating changes re: how you value yourself, what you value, where you spend your time, energy and money – and what you want from your relationships.

With Uranus-Venus, you may have a radical new desire, vision or opening that leads to an unexpected lifestyle shift (internal or external). This can be a new style/attitude re: yourself, $$, creativity or a relationship.

If there’s anything you’ve been tolerating based on fear, this is the time to make a change that is more honoring/satisfying. Take your power back! The highest expression of Uranus is liberation and alignment with your Authentic Self.

Uranus-Venus can also indicate unexpected $$ news (coming or going) or clarity re: who you want around you. Really pay attention and decide deliberately who and what you want. Anything that pushes your buttons is a need, crying for attention. So pay attention, set a boundary or make a change! And if you’re in a good relationship, you can spice it up by doing something unexpected to freshen up a stale or predictable routine.

The opportunity from this earthy Sun and deep Full Moon, Mercury-Pluto laser vision and the Venus-Uranus energy of awakening is to feel and align with your Self. Use this Full Moon to get clear about changes you are willing to make in order to satisfy and soothe your Soul.

The next big shift occurs Tue, May 21 as the Sun departs mellow Taurus to enter multi-tasking, social butterfly Gemini. This will lighten things up considerably, especially with Mercury moving from practical Taurus into mutable Gemini, too! Gemini is interested in everything! Focusing is the challenge for Gemini energy b/c it’s all over the place…

This is turbo-charged mental activation – lots of talking, thinking, ideas, conversations, social media, calls, texts, messages, writing – however you like to make contact. So network, get info/direction/resources, learn new skills, techniques, take classes, read, research and be open to messages of ALL kinds (spoken, unspoken, literal, intuitive).

This is fertile mental energy for creating, brainstorming, networking. Launch projects, seek opportunities, start writing your book, article, column. The energy of openness is the highest expression of mind energy. That’s its purpose – to connect, gather info, and various perspectives.

On Wed, May 22 Mars (action) harmonizes with Uranus (change), inviting you to make changes joyfully, your own way! It doesn’t matter how others do it – the guidance here is to create a setup that works for YOU. The more you learn to tune into your Self the more comfort, clarity and alignment you’ll have. Note to Self… YOU are your GPS!

So, we have quite a week ahead, that’s filled with opportunities to take responsibility for how your life is arranged and who you include in it. The more you do for your Self, the better you will feel and the more you’ll have to offer the world from a place of fullness.

I so want that for you. And me. And all of us.

Enjoy, create and treat yourself extra lovingly!

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