Full Moon in Scorpio – May ’11

2011 EarthDuring the week of May 13th we shift from the  dominance of impulsive Aries into  to a more practical, earthy feeling in the coming week.

The Sun in Taurus is joined by Mars, providing stamina to work more diligently. It will be joined by Venus and Mercury in Taurus next week, creating even greater stability and grounding.

Venus in Mars connects you to the physical comforts of life and enhances love, affection and $$. This is a good time to make major purchases or renegotiate terms if you need to, so take advantage of this financially supportive energy.

By Monday we have a stellium (4 or more planets in one sign) in Taurus, which creates grounding and steady persistence – and from the 18th until next weekend the stellium trines Pluto, allowing for powerful energy to transform your circumstances. Yay!


Blue Full Moon

Full Moon in Scorpio – May 17, ’11

4:09 am PDT ~ 7:09 am EDT

The Full Moon in Scorpio is on Tuesday, May 17th early in the morning in the U.S.  This is a sacred and profound Full Moon, known as the “Wesak Festival,” which honors the birth, awakening and death of the Buddha.

It is an optimal time for prayer and meditation as you open to messages that want to come through for you. Just so you know, Taurus is a “yin” sign of fertility, and Scorpio is the sign of transformation, so allow for whatever is within you that is ready to be birthed or reborn to come through.

With Pluto trining the stellium in Taurus, take time to focus on what you want to create and then take advantage of this phenomenal energy by taking deliberate actions! Taurus and Scorpio are both financially friendly signs with great power to manifest and transform circumstances and resources.

Commit to yourself and your creations, as you tap into the energy of these two powerful signs during this time of pre-Eclipse stability.

Yes, the Eclipse period is coming in a few weeks (June – July ’11) and dramatic changes will be taking place. Consider this the calm period before the shifts occur. Get your ducks in a row for this next leg of the journey…

All is in Divine order. All is well. And YOU are important!

“Unification creates peace and prosperity. Separation creates chaos. What a concept.” ~ Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll

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