Full Moon in Scorpio – April 2018

We’ve been through a few weeks of unsettled energy that may have tested your faith and your nervous system. We’re leaving the energy of warrior Mars/powerful Pluto after their exact conjunction yesterday. As they pull apart, intensity is still in the air, so easy does it.

There are some edgy aspects on Fri and Sat that aren’t long lasting but can bring you down or create discomfort. On Fri, your heart and mind may want two different things (enough of a struggle), while responsibilities or limitations can feel heavy and bring you down. Watch for negative thinking or emotional sinking. Remember who you are, be aware of your gifts, and just do your work one step at a time.

We are approaching the Full Moon in Scorpio on Sun @ 8:58pm EST and the emotional energy will be increasing over the weekend. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, surrender and transformation; and it rules all that is hidden (including the unconscious).

Full Moons bring things to light, so look for what’s being revealed and be willing to release old outdated habits, identities, beliefs, relationships or other people’s values that you’ve allowed to influence you, either deliberately or unconsciously. If it’s not working for you, be willing to drop it and create space for something new… and get help if you need it.

Sun is in Taurus (what you value; how you value your Self) opposed by the Moon in Scorpio (transformation, other peoples’ values). If you allow others to dictate your life choices, it’s a major source of disempowerment.

Maybe others haven’t personally directed you, but you’ve taken on their opinions or ideas. Same thing. You lose yourself when you give your power away. Time for a hostage release to reclaim your power! Others can suggest, but only you can know and decide what’s right for you.

This Full Moon is in harmony with Saturn, which gives you stability and supports you in claiming your Inner Authority and restructuring your your life. Use this energy to ground and take methodical actions to make your intentions real. You are being supported!

Monday is a positive upbeat day of expanded thinking, high spirits and possibilities! If there’s something you want to ask for or make happen, someone you want to connect with or a project to launch, this is a good day to do it. Use it or just enjoy the harmonious flow!

Tuesday through the rest of the week is relatively smooth and quiet. The pace will pick up in later in May, so enjoy this time.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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