Full Moon in Sagittarius – May 2024

This begins one of the most abundant, fertile and upbeat periods of the year that will extend through early June – and the theme is expansion! Get ready to spread your wings and stretch, especially if you feel contracted or just ready to fly…

May 17 – Mercury square Pluto activates CSI energy that uncovers secrets or hidden agendas that change the playing field, it can facilitate breakthroughs if you’re doing shadow work or it can bring a difficult conversation that reveals a deep truth. The square implies info that’s intense or heavy, but knowing it will align you with a reality that will ultimately empower you.

May 18 – We have a dynamic new beginning with two conjunctions: Venus-Uranus at 23 º Taurus and Sun-Jupiter at 28º Taurus.

Venus-Uranus is Divine Feminine and The Great Awakener. This brings surprises that can be exhilarating; either you act from the heart or it opens your heart, but it’s a shake up. You can manifest love, your values or creativity with a style twist by taking a risk to honor a hidden aspect of yourself that’s a radical departure from your usual presentation. Illuminate your heart’s desire; show up, have fun and express yourself!

The Sun-Jupiter expands your horizons focusing on the big picture, possibilities, optimism, faith and inspiration. The Jupiter-Uranus magic is still in the air and you will magnetize blessings into your life if you stay high and expect the best going forward. Jupiter is considered lucky because when you have total conviction that things will work out for you, they often do. Jupiter needs freedom, so notice if you feel constricted in any way and if so, this is an area that is ripe for change going forward. Make a note to Self to course correct this…

May 19 – Sun sextile Neptune is an aspect of reverence and devotion, creativity or spiritual practice. All that is right-brained and in flow, receptive, Divine Love, rest, Wu Wei (Law of Least Effort), All That Is. Dreams, visioning, channeling, meditating. Peace and blessings.

May 19 – Mars conjunct North Node – The Maverick/Warrior in Aries with The North Node of Destiny indicates fighting for a cause or initiating something that moves you toward a higher purpose. Mars in Aries is direct, assertive and will take a stand or set a boundary. You’ll know what it means if this applies to you and it will be for your Greater Good.

May 20 – Sun in Gemini – The Sun enters the mental sign of Gemini – flexible, curious, chatty, sometimes scattered energy of flying around from one thing to the next, multi-tasking and socializing. Gemini is light and lively, all about communication, info, connection and networking. Data, meetings, Zoom, cell phones, social media, meetups – any way we can connect and share info, let’s do it! It loves to think, read, talk, write and communicate, but it can get distracted by the next bright, shiny object, so focus and completion can be a challenge. Less can be more…

May 22 – Sun trine Pluto – If you want to get something done that requires intense focus and heavy lifting, today’s energy supports you. Especially with the Sun in easily distracted Gemini, a trine with Pluto will anchor your attention into the deep where you can explore hidden realms and accomplish much more than usual. Very powerful. May bring you into contact with powerful people.

May 23 – As the Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs this morning, three other sweet aspects take place, leaving Taurus with a blessing before Venus and Jupiter move into Gemini, joining the Sun.

May 23 – Full Moon in Sagittarius @ 2º 55′ – 6:53am PDT 

Sagittarius rules the meaning of life, high ideals, Higher Truth, belief systems and expansion. It’s the big picture, enthusiasm and optimism, and it can provide you with the confidence to move ahead where you were reluctant before.

This is a good time to reconsider your life and see what truth you need to look at or speak up about. What matters most right now that you want to focus on. Your truth may be about focusing on a vision for your life. If there an area of life in which you’d like to expand or a move you’ve been reluctant to make that speaks to a calling from deep within, this is a good time to take an action.

Pluto sextiles the New Moon, bringing its power and transformational energy for support and stability.

Venus-Jupiter sextile Neptune, brings peace, earthly blessings and Divine blessings. This is as good as it gets, with beauty and grace, love and possibility, infinite potential, human love and dreams (Neptune).

Venus-Jupiter is 3D gifts, love and opportunities, while Neptune is Divine Love and Oneness, elevating it all to a higher dimension that is for the Greater Good. It’s beautiful to dream your dream (Neptune), but you ultimately have to take actions to make it real. No rush… just know that the vision and dream are Step 1.

Venus in Gemini until June 17 – cooperative, charming, social, chatty, friendly, superficial, flexible and fun. Happy to get along and mingle with others in way that is harmonious.

May 25, 2024 – May 2025 – Jupiter in Gemini – After a year in slow, earthy Taurus, happy, lucky, Jupiter moves into light, airy Gemini, sign of communication, info, education, community and social media for a year, expanding everything it touches – and Gemini gets around and around and around!

Jupiter wants to expand and Gemini wants to connect, so there will be rapid progress in all forms of communication, tech, AI, data sharing, and every way in which we are in connection. If you think there’s too much info now (Gemini), get ready for more, more, more (Jupiter)! You’ll be so happy to hug a tree and walk in the grass, appreciating the analog life :))

Enjoy all the abundance and opportunities that you can allow yourself to embody and embrace. The potential is limitless – the limits are yours. Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Know that if you dream it, it is meant to be yours – otherwise, it wouldn’t be in your consciousness…

Don’t let your ego interfere with what’s unfolding by attaching to your version of how things should be – rather, observe from your Higher Self Guidance, and witness the miracles that occur when you don’t control everything. It’s a practice :))

Feel the freedom in releasing old identities that no longer fit you. Releasing is part of what allows for your expansion – and enjoy this extraordinary grace.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.


“Do not fear mistakes – there are none.” ~ Miles Davis

“Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”~ Roald Dahl

“When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own.” ~ John O’Donohue


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