Full Moon in Sagittarius – May 2018

Let me remind you that Uranus (change) has gone into Taurus (values, security), where it will stay until Nov ’18 before coming back in March ’19. No matter what else I share in my weekly report, this energy will be underlying it, which indicates various forms of breakthroughs, breakdowns, blindsides and dramatic changes.

Watch what comes and goes, knowing that there is a long-range plan (big picture) and we don’t know exactly what that will look like. Deconstructing old outdated structures is definitely on the menu, so don’t resist when changes come.

When it’s time for something to end, you will know it. And be willing to reexamine your values again and again to see if you truly feel aligned with where you are and what you’re doing.

Uranus is also the expression of genius, brilliance, innovation and the Higher Mind. You have genius in you yet to be discovered, but it’s contracted due to programming that has limited your access. Be willing to think outside the box when problem-solving or creating to USE Uranus rather than following an old tired path (which is so yesterday!).

Today and throughout the weekend Venus (values/how you value yourself) is opposing Saturn (Great Teacher), bringing up limiting beliefs about your Self and what’s possible for you, maybe in the form of external opposition.

Let this show you what still needs attention so that you can grow. Check in re: how/where you turn against yourself or are still attached to the past in unproductive ways.

The big event this week is the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tues, May 29 @ 10:19am EDT. Emotional energy builds as we approach the Full Moon, so be mindful and stay cool, especially in the 72 hours prior to it when you (and others) can become hyped up.

Sagittarius is the sign of Higher Truth, belief systems, integrity, optimism, possibilities, confidence, the Big Picture and the meaning of life.

It is a powerful time to feel into where you’re ready to expand your life – to move into a new expression of your Self. Dare to stretch forward and reach for your dreams.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius invites you to leave your zip code (literally and figuratively), and to live from your truth with optimism and conviction. Stay open to new ideas and use the energy of this Full Moon to give you the confidence to expand in a BIG way!

Mars (action) in Aquarius connects with this Full Moon, providing a booster shot to launch something and do it in a new way. If you’ve been waiting to make a move, do it now – and to be innovative!

Mercury joins the Sun in Gemini on Tues night, inviting you to be curious, learn, seek new info via conversations, community, classes. Be social and connect – and enjoy!

Know what is true for you – and make sure that your life is a reflection of it.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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