Full Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter square Neptune – June 2019

It’s a slo-mo shakeup. There’s a lot of potential confusion and a lack of clarity around decision-making this week as we have back to back aspects leading up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius early Mon, June 17. And the slo-mo shakeup goes on for the rest of the week.

I think the functional purpose is to challenge your beliefs around success, structures, lifestyle, old archetypes, paradigms and your early programming, much of what you’re living out. Or resisting.

With the North Node (Destiny) and other planets in Cancer, your true GPS is your NEEDS. Feel what works for YOU if you can tolerate letting go of old programming or what other people think/want. Read this report through that lens. What about you? How does this feel/work for you?

We begin the week with Mars (action) in emotional Cancer in harmony with the Moon in Scorpio and dreamy Neptune. This is a flowy trine that allows you to move guided by your intuition, inspired by your Higher Self. Beautiful!

At the same time, Mars is confronted by serious Saturn, planet of Authority, boundaries and limitations. This indicates a stop sign, having to regroup or handle an obstacle – or an opponent who is in in conflict with your position/movement. Some decision needs to be made.

On Sat, June 15 the North Node (Destiny), Mercury and Mars come together, offering the opportunity to get clear about the direction that will take you toward the life you desire, for your Highest Good.

Info may be revealed that influences your path or a conversation or connection inspires a choice that wasn’t previously on the menu for you. Trust the message, as long as you can discern that it’s the voice of your Higher Self and not fear. If safety is your primary focus, that’s not your Higher Self (HS = possibilities).

The big picture is that Mercury, North Node and Mars in Cancer (your needs) are in opposition to Pluto (power), Saturn (Authority) and the South Node (the past/karma). Dare you move beyond that old stuff to create what will serve you?

After Mercury receives a North Node blessing or awakening, it faces off with heavy Saturn on Sun, June 16. Arguments, differences of opinions, viewpoints or ideas all can create a blockage that calls for a shift or opening in order to make progress.

On the same day that Jupiter squares Neptune, clouding conversations with inflated/fixed beliefs, blurry boundaries, delusional thinking or deliberate misinformation. No matter how real something seems, please wait until this passes to make any major decisions if you can avoid them.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is Mon, June 17 @ 4:31am EDT, focusing on your big picture vision that calls you forward. Jupiter squares Neptune at the same time, which feeds idealistic dreams, but isn’t practical, so let this inspire you – and then get real re: how, what, when.

Tue, June 18 Neptune (dreams) is in harmony with Saturn (reality), giving you a boost toward how to bring dreams down to earth in practical ways. If you have a dream in your heart/consciousness, I believe it’s meant for you. And it may manifest differently than you thought, so be flexible (fixed energy can be a major barrier if you can only see it one way).

The Moon is Void of Course all day on Wed, June 19 – and Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto (power) – a recipe for struggle and then nothing comes of it! Easy does it. No heavy conversations, discussions or decisions that can have lasting repercussions. Not today.

The Summer Solstice next Fri, June 21 will lighten things up and soften the energy a bit. We’re already in the wormhole of the Eclipses coming in July. Hold onto your hat – as this is all game-changing energy (which you signed up for, remember ?!).

Take good care of yourself (North Node in Cancer) and know that you are here on purpose to bring your Light to the world.

Namaste, friend.

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