Full Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter Direct – June 9, 2017

We are waking up to a Full Moon in Sagittarius with it’s Ruler, expansive Jupiter, turning Direct after a 4-month Retrograde. Let the abundance begin – once you handle any Saturn realities facing you. If that sounds harsh, it doesn’t have to be.

The active Gemini Sun is on the go, connecting here and there, into this and that. The Sagittarius Moon wants to grow, evolve, travel and find new meaning – a big picture energy. These two signs don’t intrinsically have limits, so they can go overboard with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Saturn’s placement on this Full Moon is your reality check. Limits aren’t necessarily bad, they just indicate responsibilities, commitments, or structures already in place – anything that’s a boundary. If your limits feel unreasonable or unsupportive, it’s your job to see if/how you can change them. Maybe your limits help keep you focused. You decide :))

Finally we have the path to move forward and expand with support! This is the time for action and stretching beyond your usual hangouts. Time to leave your zip code and do something that will lead to a personal dream!

On Tuesday, Saturn opposes the Sun for a few days, bringing up obstacles, responsibilities or extra work and you may feel unsupported or burdened. Again, decide what you can do to take charge and find support when you need it. Reach out and do the right thing, whatever that means for you. It will pay off.

Remember, we still have a flowing Grand Trine in fire with the North Node (destiny) in Leo, Uranus (change) in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius. When you do the work and take aligned actions, the energy of change can lead you toward your life purpose or Great Work.

This great triangle of harmonious energy has potentially magical consequences when your thoughts and actions are aligned with your Higher Self. This isn’t about ego indulgence, it’s about coming from your center and inner guidance. Align your intentions with your conscience and highest intentions for a peaceful, joyful, meaningful experience.

This time is a blessing, so use it well. Make choices thoughtfully and deliberately. Think big and stay grounded – and allow yourself to be surprised by the blessings you receive when you stretch beyond the same old safe places and go for your dreams!

For specific timing when the Moon is Void of Course (a time NOT to take actions that require specific outcomes), get your monthly Perfect Timing Guide.

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