Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 13, ’14

Moon Red

There are a few distinctly different energies occurring this weekend that may have you feeling a little ADD-ish.

We are still in the Full Moon in Sagittarius energy from last night, calling you to expand your horizons and align your life with your Higher Self in a more meaningful way.

This is an optimistic, idealistic feeling that can help you stretch and discover a more aligned perspective with your Higher Self, fueled by the lively Gemini Sun that is always looking for more information. Remember, intellectual info is “out there,” but your GPS is within :))

Venus is opposing Saturn, highlighting relationship issues that you may have been trying to avoid. If you’ve been tolerating things or settling for less than you really want, this can push you to make a decision or take an action. Saturn rules structure and decisions, so being wishy-washy won’t be acceptable now.

Venus-Saturn aspects can bring up issues around self-esteem and feelings of separation or loneliness. It is your work to integrate feelings of self-judgment or unworthiness, not to cover them up by being busy (a common strategy). This is sacred work and you are absolutely worth it. Contact me for help with this if you need it.

Mars (action/warrior) squares Pluto (power/transformation) this weekend so avoid power struggles (no matter how subtle) and if you feel irritable or discontent, take responsibility for getting your needs met.

Also, if you’re faced with a personal struggle that feels heavy or hard, consider how you are viewing the issue. It may feel lighter if you see the situation in a new way to relieve some pressure. If you can only see it one way, get ideas from others you trust. Being locked in a negative viewpoint keeps you in victimhood. Boo :(

In any event, be gentle with yourself this weekend and practice impeccable self-care. Challenging planetary aspects can initiate significant changes, so if you find yourself here, use the energy to create needed restructuring that will serve the Greater Good for you!

Mercury is Retrograde from June 7 – July 1. Allow this time for clean up and anything that needs revision or correction in your life. Align with the energy and use it for your benefit rather than struggling against it.

Watch for Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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