Full Moon in Pisces to Autumnal Equinox – Sept 13, 2019

This report will cover the highlights for the next few weeks, as I’ll be traveling – and there are major planetary shifts in play.

Tonight we have a Full Moon in sensitive Pisces at 9:33pm PT/12:33am ET. The Full Moon always activates and amplifies feelings, but this one is extra-emotional, with elements and potential blessings beyond the usual.

Neptune (Ruler of Pisces) is with the Moon, making it even more dreamy and moving, as it opposes the Sun and Mars (action) in Virgo. And they all square optimistic Jupiter, that can expand your horizons and inspire you to do something meaningful for you!

Sun-Mars in Virgo wants to be productive, while Pisces channels creativity, Spirit, and flows its own special way, as Jupiter can open magical doors with possibilities and optimism that urges you to take a leap. Now!

You can harness this energy to manifest an inspired dream and Jupiter can motivate you to make a move if you’ve been timid or doubtful. The key for positive movement is to use your intuition when making decisions, with a goal or direction that gives you juice.

Jupiter rules beliefs and tells you, “Yes you can!” to lead you forward. Go within for Higher Self guidance and take actions to make your vision real. I see this as a gift. Creativity, spiritual pursuits and being of service to others in practical ways is also a beautiful use of this energy.

Mercury and Virgo are together in Virgo today, which is perfect for writing or communicating in a way that is harmonious, effective – and purposeful. After all, they are in Virgo, that likes to get things done :))

Right after the Full Moon, things change. Mercury and Venus move from busy Virgo into harmonious Libra (Sept 14), a major shift. Mercury in Libra is more connected and compromising than critical Mercury in Virgo, a nice soft touch. Plus, Venus and Jupiter are now they’re in their own signs, in flow with each other, and we get the blessings (love, Self-esteem, $$, creativity, abundance).

On Sept 18, Saturn turns Direct after being Retrograde since April 29 – and now projects that have been stalled or stagnant will slowly begin to manifest if you have done the work. Remember, Saturn only gives back in return the effort you put in. The key to success with Saturn is to be responsible and show up, take methodical actions, be patient and consistent. This is process.

Saturn is with the South Node (the past) and as it moves forward, it’s time to leave the past behind wherever it is redundant or some old story/method that is clearly past its due date…

Jupiter is squaring Neptune all week and will be exact on Sept 21, which can activate compassion, a quantum leap and being of service. Neptune is other-worldly, beyond 3D. But stable Saturn is aligned with Neptune too, in this setup, grounding the energy and facilitating systems and structures to create real progress. Think: inspired work. Yes!

Jupiter-Neptune can destabilize linear types (with confusion) who need proof or facts to feel safe to move forward. This energy requires you to feel your feelings in order to be clear. You don’t have to be clairvoyant, just trust your heart’s desires. And if you’re called to do something dramatic, get a second opinion from a trusted advisor with vision :))

On Sept 23, the Sun goes into Libra and the Autumnal Equinox @ 3:51am ET. The Virgo productivity shifts into Libran other-oriented connectivity, beauty, communications and harmonious restraint. Summer is officially over, as we enter the fall season. And right behind this, comes some ups and downs…

Mercury squares Saturn on Sept 22, potentially fueling discouragement or negative thinking, lack of receptivity or challenging communications. Not the day for negotiations or difficult conversations.

Wait until Sept 24 when Mercury flows with Jupiter, lifting the energy and creating new possibilities and a positive attitude. Fabulous day for good news, to launch, connect, announce, make a sale, sign a contract or ask for what you want.

Sept 25 has a Venus-Saturn square, which can activate feelings of rejection or unlovability, $$ issues, creative blocks or relationship issues. Easy does it today and be compassionate with yourself and others. Don’t buy into negative beliefs about yourself or others.

Sept 26 brings a Mercury-Pluto square, which is intense mental energy. A good day for research, problem-solving or focused attention to accomplish a goal. Not a good day for conversations unless they’re about deep topics that you both agree on :)) Again, easy does it…

And all these active, shifting energies are leading us to a New Moon in Libra on Sept 28, so be aware that everything taking place from now until then is preparing you for a new beginning.

And a final reminder: happy, lucky Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius until Dec 2nd – the last time for 12 years. We’ve got the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn energy (heavy, structures, transformation) and Jupiter is heading there next.

Take advantage of the Jupiter energy between now and Dec that can elevate your thinking, your attitude and help you expand your horizons to move into new possibilities and creations!

Happy Full Moon in Pisces – may you create magic and dreams come true!

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