Full Moon in Pisces – Sept 8, ’14



Venus leaves dramatic Leo on Sept 5 and shifts into orderly Virgo for the rest of the month. Rather than grand gestures of romance (Leo), Virgo expresses love by caring for others in practical ways and by being of service. If you want to align with this energy, show your love by lending someone a helping hand.

Pluto is hovering at 11 degrees all month preparing to turn Direct on Sept 22nd. This gives Pluto even more power, which you will feel if you’re experiencing a transformation now. Whether things are falling apart or coming together in unfamiliar ways, Pluto is a game-changer that will recreate you and your life forevermore. 

If you’re feeling off balance or unclear, having an astrology reading will help you understand what’s happening, what you’re being asked to do, and the personal timing of energies for you.

The Full Moon in dreamy, compassionate Pisces is on Saturday night, Sept 8th at 9:38pm EDT. The Full Moon is the culmination of things, when hidden issues/items come to light. In Pisces, this is an ideal time to meditate, to be in nature, listen to beautiful music, be creative or to go within to connect with your Higher Self. Feel the Oneness and appreciate the connection with All That Is. 

Three days prior to the Full Moon is when emotions run high and reactions can be out of proportion. Think of blowing up a balloon as a metaphor for the ascent of a Full Moon… the pressure continues to build until the Moon is Full (when it “pops”) and then the energy is released. Easy does it over the weekend, as we approach Monday night.

Chiron (the wounded Healer) sits on this Pisces Moon, illuminating the care and nurturing that is needed in order to be whole. What is out of balance for you? Do you need to receive more love, more care or find practical ways to enhance your well being? The tender energy of Pisces highlights this agenda on the Full Moon.

The rest of the week? This is the time to start generating what you want to bring in, as Mercury will be Retrograde for much of October. We have the tail end of the Sun trine Pluto from last week, so take advantage of the creating power that still lingers to move forward.

Mercury goes Retrograde for most of October. Get your free Mercury Retrograde report here, so you know how to prepare for what’s to come and what the dates are. Practical actions will serve you well!

We do have major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which will affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

I urge you to align your life and actions with your Higher Self in order to create an experience that will be uplifting, fulfilling and meaningful. 


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