Full Moon in Pisces / Autumn Equinox – Sept 2021

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This is the final week of Mercury Direct, as it’s in its shadow and moving very slowly, so take care of any technology to dos, back up your info, double check schedules, travel and plans. The pace will downshift, as the tempo decelerates with each passing day until Mercury Retrogrades on Sept 27. 

Today (Sept 17) we are completing Venus square Saturn, that can bring up feelings of loneliness, isolation or not feeling valued. Or you may have a $$ issue, a creative block or a relationship trigger that brought something tender to the surface. If so, your work is to decide how to handle it, as it is calling for attention.

On Sept 20, Mercury trines Jupiter, bringing good news, bright ideas, smart plans, positive connections, communications and new learning. Perhaps you will have some new vision for yourself. With Mercury-Jupiter, opportunities abound! Brainstorm, contemplate, stretch your mind, think BIG – and enjoy! 

This is the first of three connections Mercury will make with Jupiter over the next six weeks (Oct 4 and Nov 1), due to Mercury Retrograde, so it may be the beginning of something that takes time to complete. Stay tuned and stay open to possibilities!

Later on Sept 20, we have a Full Moon in Pisces @ 4:55pm PDT, that is conjunct Neptune (Ruler of Pisces) enhancing the feelings of compassion, empathy and connection to All That Is. Imagination, the collective unconscious and spiritual practices are all highlighted now. Go outside and look at the Moon and stars. Release 3D drama and appreciate the vastness of the cosmos. Be in awe. Attune to your dreams that fulfill your heart’s desires. 

This Full Moon in Pisces is at 28º of Pisces, almost the final degree of the zodiac. It speaks to endings and surrender, you may feel low energy, more sensitive than usual, you may grieve losses, and it is not the time to push yourself or try and make things happen. Wu Wei is the Law of Least Effort and the idea of flowing around obstacles. Do that. Be gentle with yourself in the 48 hours leading up to the Full Moon. Follow your feelings and take good care of yourself. 

The Fall Equinox is Sept 22 @ 12:21pm PDT as the Sun moves to 0º Libra seeking balance, harmony, beauty, cooperation and connection, as we enter the Fall season. Libra wants peace and yet, in our world, it requires you to avoid reactions that disempower you and pull you down; to be as objective as possible, while discovering what makes sense for you. Libra is an air sign that processes mentally and can see both sides of a conflict or difference. Seek that.

Also on Sept 22, Mercury squares Pluto, which can manifest as obsessive thinking – productive if you’re deep in a project that requires all your attention, unproductive if you’re stuck in a mental loop over a problem or a perceived offense (old stories). Mercury-Pluto is good for research or digging up hidden info or seeking a breakthrough (healing), but it can also indicate a hidden agenda, a secret, scam or info designed to mislead or manipulate. This is useful for unearthing a problem and having an honest discussion with the intention of creating a solution. But don’t be critical or pick a fight today. Bad idea…

The next morning (Sept 23), Venus opposes Uranus, which could be a lingering reaction to the Mercury square Pluto conversation, if someone’s needs aren’t being met. Venus is your desires and Uranus is sudden change. This can indicate a need for space, freedom, new circumstances, a renegotiation or just a break. If it’s possible to create space for a cool down or some fun, I would do it. Spice things up and break up your routine with some lively or stimulating fun or reorganization. Shake things up! Stale is the enemy of authenticity (Uranus) and creativity (Venus). 

There’s a lot going on this week, as we not only have a super-emotional Full Moon, but shift into a new season and approach the next Mercury Retrograde, along with some significant aspects that will kick off the next six weeks of your life. 

Trust that you are being led to the next right things for you, even if you don’t exactly what they might be our ever-changing world. Even those who think they know are in for surprises, as this is the nature of the times. Flexibility, flow and faith will serve you well.   

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo



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