Full Moon in Pisces – Aug 29, ’15

We have plenty of cosmic activity as we approach the Full Moon in dreamy, compassionate Pisces on Sat, Aug 29th at 2:35pm EDT. The Full Moon is the culmination of things and when hidden issues/items come to light.

With a Pisces Moon, this is an ideal time to meditate, be in nature, listen to beautiful music, be creative or go within to connect with Spirit and your Higher Self. Stay tuned to see what will come to Light in your world!

The Sun and Jupiter are together in Virgo, urging you to upgrade your health care, your diet, create order, clear clutter, your physical regimen, and/or get busy taking care of anything you have neglected, especially regarding health, order, wellness and being of service. Where can you contribute?

Having Jupiter in the mix easily blows things up or can exaggerate things (more, bigger, boom!), so be mindful of over-committing or over-promising.

Opposing the Sun and Jupiter are the Moon and Neptune in Pisces, making everything fuzzy, soft, blurry and right-brained. This energy rules Higher Self, Oneness, compassion, intuition, Beingness. We are all beautiful Beings, connected as One. Separation is an illusion and Pisces and Neptune seek to dissolve boundaries, allowing for profound connections. Ahhh….

We carry this energy into Monday when Neptune opposes the Sun; a wonderful day for creative and spiritual endeavors – not exactly prime for being level-headed. Here’s why: Neptune can blur boundaries, facts, and feed idealized perceptions that aren’t helpful (or realistic).

Venus & Mars meet up on Monday night as well, which is fabulous for creative endeavors and romance/passion, but this too, can lead you astray. And with the Moon in Aries, you may be extra impulsive (if you have that tendency), so be forewarned: if you meet someone you are super-attracted to, it may be the love of your life or an amazing fantasy connection. Just saying… (and during Venus Retrograde, too!). Could be fun – and interesting… If you’re game, get out and mingle on Monday night or plan something special for you and your Beloved!

Wed, Sept 2nd is a fabulous day for taking care of business, particularly for manifesting something you want. Lots of earthy energy, good for practical matters – but Neptune is opposing the Sun, so you always need to reality check any major move you’re going to make.

Neptune is the planet of illusion (also intuition and imagination), so what feels real may or may not be. With the grounded earth energy to balance it out, I still think you can make some beneficial moves as long as you do your due diligence and take responsibility for your decisions (whatever that means for you).

Enjoy your week and get ready – the action is about to begin big time in the coming weeks!

We have a few windows of major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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