Full Moon in Libra / Pluto Retrograde – April 2019

We awaken today to the second Full Moon in Libra, sign of harmony and relationships, opposing Sun-Uranus (change) in Self-centered Aries. Once the Moon is Full, the energy “pops” and something is released. This axis is about you and your relationships. Can you feel it?  What has changed – or needs to change for your Highest Good?

The ultimate in relationships and partnerships is to have a give and take (flow) that feels good to you. Do you give (or sacrifice) too much in order to create harmonious relationships? Or are you so focused on yourself that you forgo close relationships for the sake of freedom – or do you need others’ approval, personally or publicly (“likes”) to feel good or satisfied? This turns your life into a performance, which is a false, contrived expression of Self.

An Al-Anon friend once told me she was going to have T-shirts made that said: “Are you mad at me?” (our greatest fear). What a laugh we had! And recently I told a friend who has a tendency to focus on others all the time that I was going to make her a T-shirt that says: “Is everyone okay?” Again, lots of laughs…

When your attention is on everyone else (searching for problems), there’s something you’re avoiding or missing in your Self. This is a good time to examine your life and make any needed changes that will create the kind of relationships you desire.

You may be operating in ways you’re unaware of. Attracting unwanted people/partners is a hint. Get some feedback and be willing to explore if what you’re doing isn’t working for you and you want to create something new.

Mercury is with Wounded Healer Chiron today, which can activate wounds or negative beliefs/judgments about yourself. If you experience this (it’s all my fault or something is wrong with me), it’s a call for healing. Maybe a behavior change, but the real problem is the way you see yourself.

Compassion is the path, for you and others. Relax. Loosen your grip on how things have to be – with love. Every one (including you) is doing the best they can… even when it’s not very good.

The Sun leaves Aries tonight to enter earthy Taurus. On Sat, 4/20 Venus leaves sensitive Pisces to move into Aries, who is fearless about going after what she wants, so this is a BIG energetic shift. Grounded with strong desires and will.


On Mon, 4/22 the Sun in Taurus conjuncts Uranus, which will instigate some change. Pay attention, but don’t go into reaction – which not only doesn’t help, it’s counterproductive. The Sun in Taurus can help you ground as you witness the show (publicly, globally or in your own life). Allow yourself to release whatever is complete or over.

On Tues, 4/23 Venus conjuncts Chiron, bringing up any unhealed heartwounds or negative beliefs about your value. If you have done your inner work, you may feel extra compassion for others on this day, as something will get your attention.

Creativity, money, relationships (all Venus ruled) – or maybe your partner will need your support. But check in with yourself first so you don’t do that “Is everyone okay?” thing to avoid your own healing :))

On Wed, 4/24 Pluto turns Retrograde until Oct ’19. It’s been sitting still all April, but as it officially Stations (stops) to turn around, its power is felt even more. Watch world events this week to see issues around power and deconstruction that are highlighted.

How does this apply to your life – are you in the midst of transformation (death & rebirth)? Get support if you are, so you can use the energy for your development and evolution. And don’t be in fear. We are here to transform and transcend the lower energies to create something greater.

This is the potpourri of astrological aspects and events we have entered info. In your personal life, set your intention for what you want to create and how you can use these energies to support your growth, awakening and expansion.

Keep the faith. Be optimistic and courageous in pursuing your growth. Fear will only bring you down, so if you find yourself stuck, get support to find inspiration and a new perspective. I’m rooting for you – and us!

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