Full Moon in Libra – March 27, ’13

On Wednesday we have a Full Moon in harmonious Libra and the emotional energy begins to rise as it approaches. Stay awake (conscious), focus on what you want to create, and easy does it until the energy “pops” after the Moon is Full. Especially in this intense energy, with the Mars-Pluto square!

The Libra-Aries axis addresses relationships and the compromises necessary in order for them to work vs. your personal will and desires.

What needs to change within you and your relationships? Be proactive and responsible for the way you interact with others and move through life.

  • Do you believe you have to sacrifice your needs to be in relationship with others?
  • Or do you sacrifice relationships in order to have it your way?
  • Are there relationships that are complete or counterproductive and need to end?

Aries/Libra brings up these issues so you can see if and where your life is out of alignment – and then you can create it the way you want it to be!

This is the goal. Life aligned with your Authentic Self, offering your work to the world joyfully, in service to the Greater Good.

Keep your eye on your Big Picture, while taking the appropriate actions. By mid-April you’ll be ready to step out in a whole new way!!


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