Full Moon in Libra – March 2021

Today we have two auspicious aspects – the Sun conjunct Venus, activating the expression of love, peace, harmony and creativity – and Mars conjunct the North Node of Destiny, asserting passionate actions that lead to fated encounters, connections and events that will propel you forward on your path.
Get out there (live or online) and get in the game! Reach out, extend yourself and let your Light shine, as you bask in the glow of Sun-Venus, which attracts gifts and blessings. The Mars-North Node aspect can magnetize life-purpose Goodness into your orbit. Yes!
We have a beautiful Full Moon in Libra on March 28 @ 11:48am PDT, which is on Passover in the Jewish tradition and Palm Sunday in the Christian tradition. With the Sun, Venus, Chiron in Aries and the Moon in Libra, there’s an opportunity to heal rifts in relationships, extend good will where there’s been division and to find balance between the “we” and “me.”
The Sun with Venus in Aries wants what it wants – that’s the “me” part. Chiron’s presence (Wounded Healer/Spiritual Teacher) indicates the potential for compassion and heart-healing. Rather than needing to be right, you can connect with the intent to create a win-win (the ultimate for Libra!).
Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries speaks to Self-honoring. If you’re a people-pleaser, you fear your own desires or declaring what you want. It’s hard to get your needs met if you’re overly focused on others’ happiness or no conflict. If you’re used to having your way and being independent, your stretch is to learn how to consider others and not just yourself – and to find a healthy balance.
Relationships of all kinds are the ultimate Earth School, as your soul came here to learn and grow. You may be peaceful or spiritual until you live or work with someone who pushes your buttons – and then the real work begins. You have to make decisions about what you will and won’t accept (setting boundaries), learn how to communicate your needs and hear the other as well. Big work for those who are more extreme one way or the other.
This goes for romantic relationships, as well as business partnerships and all personal interactions with others – and it is high level work, as childhood patterns are deeply entrenched. Whoever you call into your life is not random, even problematic relationships. Your unconscious or soul has called them in to offer you the opportunity to learn something that will help you heal and grow. Even if it’s to say “NO.”
The task is to assess your ability to take action and be assertive without being a steamroller vs. your willingness to compromise without sacrificing your own needs. What needs adjusting so that your masculine/feminine aspects are in greater balance, creating peace and making you more effective in your life? This is the query to be with and then shift as needed, to elevate your experience.
On March 29, Mercury sextiles Neptune, good for nonlinear activities (meditation, spiritual practices and creative pursuits), as well as daydreaming, leisure and visioning your life direction. It provides fertile ground for intuitive and artistic creations – think writing, visual art, music, storytelling and making connections that bring an experiential dimension to the connection. You can feel extra soulful and more imaginative than usual. Make the most of it!
Venus sextiles Saturn on March 30, which indicates an agreement, bringing creativity into form or stabilizing a desire (Venus) by making it real (Saturn). Venus in Aries is hot to trot and Saturn is the reality check, so this may involve slowing down to examine the situation before you sign on the dotted line or make that purchase. Get clear about your desires and what makes sense for you.
The Sun sextiles Saturn on March 31, creating stability or taking an action that will have lasting effects, such as a long-term commitment (marriage, launching a business), making plans or scheduling. The steadiness and strength is built to last and this is a perfect day to put down roots, deal with authorities (government, banks), superiors or gatekeepers.
This week offers opportunities for a reset, for openings and realignment in your relationships and other areas of life that are ripe for reinvention. You won’t do this via your mind, you will be led via your intuition, inspiration and inner knowing that calls you forward. Trusting yourself and life will allow you to open new doors of possibility, as you go forward in some new way. But don’t push…
Your movement should be organic. You’ll know when it’s time to make a move or take an action. If you are stuck in your mind, you’ll be in a loop that never ends and will work against you. If you’re not ready yet, practice being still and preparing for when you ARE ready!
We have turned a corner and life is unfolding in new ways now. Nature’s timing is always perfect.
“There is nothing complicated about the act of love. It only becomes complicated when one starts to withhold love, and then it ceases to be love that one offers.” ~ Paul Ferrini, Love Without Conditions
As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo
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