Full Moon in Libra – April 2023

April brings in dramatic energetic shifts, as we’re in the wormhole (a portal between vastly different realities) that leads to the Eclipses – and the day after the April 20 Solar Eclipse, Mercury turns Retrograde for three weeks.

This is a fertile week with All Planets Direct, until Mercury enters its shadow on April 7, the terrain it will retrace when it Retrogrades (April 21 – May 14). If you have a major purchase or a big decision and want to take advantage of the All Planets Direct pre-Retrograde energy, handle your business this week.

April 3 – Mercury enters Taurus, after leaving impulsive Aries. Mercury in Taurus is slow, thoughtful and practical in speech and actions, wanting to create something that aligns with your values. Because Mercury (mind) makes several aspects this week, you may be busy learning, gathering info and organizing to make your life more comfortable and secure (Taurus = what you value, how you value your Self, $$).

Also, Mercury squares Pluto just after it enters Taurus, highlighting problems that you can’t easily solve without digging deep, power plays or hidden agendas that if revealed, leave you with decisions about how to proceed. You may become obsessed with a certain idea or issue and this creates the potential for profound healing or breakthroughs. Think: buried, obscured truths that you either find or that you are blocked from seeing. This can also include conversations with others who pressure or manipulate you (or vice versa) – or who just aren’t open to you or your perspective.

April 5 – Mercury sextile Saturn, is grounded, stable, practical and focused on creating something lasting. This is perfect for contracts, agreements, plans and decisions, as you and your attention to detail is clear. Mercury-Saturn supports structures – writing, speaking, designing a project, marketing and landing your message effectively, something that will serve you well going forward.

Later on April 5, we have a Full Moon in Libra. A Full Moon is the culmination of things or when things come to light, so notice what appears now, either in the form of a creation or an ending. The Libra-Aries axis addresses relationships, partnerships and the compromises necessary in order for them to work vs. your personal will and desires. Aries is “me” and Libra is “we” – what needs to change within you and your relationships re: the balance between yin and yang (receiving and doing)?

The Ruler of the Full Moon in Libra is Venus in Taurus, which seeks comfort and stability. It’s time to raise your game to create satisfying relationships. If something is off, begin by holding yourself as powerful and responsible for your behavior and what you’re willing to accept; then you can make adjustments to upgrade your operating system and create a new paradigm!

The Aries Sun is conjoined on either side by expansive Jupiter and Master Healer Chiron, that can activate the impetus to live as your evolving Self, handle limitations and step into your next level of mastery. Lower expressions of Aries are being pushy or too Self-involved at the expense of others (Aries joke: I had my patience tested. I’m negative. :)) Dare to be real and allow others the same courtesy, knowing that we are all connected and we need each other.

So use this week to make plans, purchases, decisions that you’re ready for – and to get your ducks in a row before Mercury enters it’s shadow – or the area that you’ll go over three times: forward, Retrograde, then forward again, so ultimately there will be many adjustments, reviews and revisions for the territory your go over from April 7- to Mercury Retrograde on April 21.

Wishing you a beautiful, productive All Planets Direct week to assess where you are and where you want to go from here, knowing that we’re between two New Moons in Aries (a MAJOR launch and new beginning) – one on March 22 and the next on April 20 (a Solar Eclipse).

Movement is in the air and it’s up to you to align with your Inner Guidance, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Intuition or whatever calls you forward with vision, possibility and in service to the Greater Good. It will be something different or more than you’ve experienced in the past, as you are evolving along with the Universe.

Step into the new frontier as the Light that you are!

“Care is the glue that keeps relationships together once the novelty has worn off. This is as true in professional life as in the personal domain.” ~ Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap into this source, you will transcend age.” – Sophia Loren

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an evolving, empowered and meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️

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