Full Moon in Libra – April 2022

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We open the week in the wake of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, still in the mystical energy of awe, imagination, compassion and empathy – or suffering via worries, fears, delusions and addictions. It will serve you to feed your soul by creating space for introspective, meditative practices. Or just stillness; separating from the noise in the outer world to access the peace and quiet within.

Mars in Pisces (until May 24) joins Venus, Neptune and Jupiter, shifting movement to a flow state, that you can’t force or push. Wu Wei is a taoist principle that indicates intuitive actions with maximum ease and awareness. No conflict or confrontation, rather, flowing around obstacles. Also, with Mars in Pisces (very emotional), you may have to be in the mood in order to do something. Be gentle with yourself and trust the process. 

The Full Moon in Libra is April 16 @ 11:55am PDT. A Full Moon is illuminating, so notice what comes to light, whether a it’s culmination or an ending. The Libra-Aries axis addresses relationships and the compromises necessary in order for them to work vs. your personal will and desires. These patterns were set up in childhood – and if they’re not working for you, it’s time to set new boundaries and make needed changes. With Saturn trine the Moon, support for restructuring is available, if you are willing to do the work.

The Pluto square contained in this Full Moon gives you the opportunity to release disempowering beliefs and behaviors through which you diminish or inflate your needs in personal interactions. Successful relationships require honesty and balance, which can be a tall order if you have a history of sacrifice or self-centeredness. People-pleasing or denying your needs illustrates self-abandonment. But expecting others to accommodate you without getting their own needs met attracts caretakers or those who don’t meet you as an equal on some level. This won’t genuinely support your growth either.

It’s time to raise your game (if you haven’t already) to create satisfying relationships. If something feels out of order, begin by holding yourself as powerful and responsible for your behavior and what you’re willing to accept. Then you can make adjustments to upgrade your operating system and create a new paradigm that feels more appropriate and honoring for you, as you will only receive as much love as you can tolerate. Remember, once upon a time you had no power, but now YOU are in charge…

On April 17 Mercury sextiles Venus, making for pleasant interactions and harmonious conversations, perfect for connecting following the Full Moon, resolving conflicts, making requests, sending love to those who you hold dear. This is also beautiful energy for soothing ruffled feathers, should you need to. 

On April 18, we have three aspects that shift the energy dramatically as the day goes on. First, Mercury conjunct Uranus, indicating innovative thinking, unexpected messages or communications and out of the box, genius ideas. Quick, light, spontaneous. In the present moment. Perhaps you have a download or discover a bright idea for your future – or have a stimulating conversation. Whatever comes through or up, pay attention!

Next, Venus sextile Uranus, spicing up relationships, beauty and aesthetics, how you value your Self and $$. This goes to indulgence, fun, frivolous, play or just shaking up your routine when it comes to Venusian topics. Use this Mercury-Venus sextile Uranus to upgrade stale thinking or ways of being. Be a fresh expression of your Self and get out of any old ruts by stretching and trying something innovative for you! Don’t go back to sleep…

Then, the Sun squares Pluto, bringing up issues around power, hidden agendas or endings, and it may be a personal experience or in the collective via institutions (governments, banks, IRS, etc). Don’t engage in conflict if you can help it; get the memo regarding what is brought to your awareness and focus on what the message is for you. Your work is to get the help you need and to discern the actions you need to take in order to evolve and grow. 

On April 19, the Sun enters grounded, earthy Taurus, the slowest sign in the zodiac. Sensual Taurus loves comfort and pleasure, with its eye on $$, its practical and resonates with the material world, as it rules earned income. Taurus is a builder, moving slowly and steadily with a plan, patient, no drama and a loyal friend. This warm, receptive energy is fertile ground, with Mercury, Uranus and the North Node of Destiny in Taurus as well, inviting you to build your life around valuing your Self and what you value.

Saturn (structure) is squaring the North Node of Destiny, indicating that it’s time to release that which has helped in the past, but has outlived its usefulness. That goes to the collective, but it is also good to consider in your own life, which requires discernment. It’s easy to recognize what’s harmful, but when something’s been helpful it’s trickier to see when it’s become detrimental. Where in your life is it time to remove the training wheels, release the teacher, therapist or love object? A valuable check-in.

I am wishing you a fruitful Full Moon in Libra, a Happy Passover, Easter, Ramadan and season of promise and resurrection. Make the best of what life has to offer, even in the midst of chaos and deconstruction. Don’t be sidetracked by drama and distractions, as they lower your vibration.


Remember you are here in the role of a midwife, helping to bring more love and light to a world that is in labor. As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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