Full Moon in Libra – April 17, ’11


7:44 pm PDT ~ 10:44 pm EDT

The Full Moon on Sunday, April 17th is called a SuperMoon – very close to the Earth, amplifying the Moon’s  emotional and psychological energy even more so than a regular Full Moon, so be sure to stay grounded, breathe, and move deliberately.

This Full Moon in Libra highlights relationships – the ultimate mirror. Whatever you see in the “other” is really a reflection of you, so use this information as feedback so you can make changes wherever necessary.

You don’t have to be stuck in victimhood, be critical or withhold love as a form of punishment. If you experience any of these, it’s time for a deeper look and a course correction so that you can step into your empowered Self.

You have the ability to shift your beliefs, behaviors and language that creates anything less than wonderful for you. If you are ready to transform, contact me or someone who can help you through this please!

The higher expression of the Aries Sun and Libra Moon is the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies within you – and yes, all men and women embody both energies. If you are identified with only one, there is an imbalance that is calling for correction in order for you to operate from wholeness.

The Sacred Masculine takes courageous action with integrity for the greater good and the Divine Feminine transmits compassion, peace, harmony and the energy of Oneness. We all can aspire to those ideals.

Consider this: there are five planets in fiery Aries (one of them is Mercury retrograde), and Pluto is still in a holding pattern,  creating intensity and activating unconscious energy that wants to be integrated.

Any upheaval you are experiencing is a Plutonian energy of unwinding of an old, non-working structure or pattern – or the birth of a deeply buried energy that is ready to be revealed.

Either way, it’s a sacred process that requires you to operate with consciousness and allow yourself deep care.

All the Aries energy really makes you want to DO something and it can be extra-uncomfortable to be patient, waiting for “the new birth” to arrive (whatever that may be).

If you feel the need to do something while you’re in the hallway, do spiritual practices –  meditate, journal, do yoga, walk, exercise, commune with nature, be creative, dance – whatever helps you connect to your spirit.

“Wherever you’re feeling discomfort – a transformation is waiting to happen!” ~ Lisa Zimmerman

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