Full Moon in Leo – February 2023

The pressure is building, as we approach the Full Moon in Leo on Feb 5. The 48-72 hours preceding a Full Moon is when emotions heighten and people become more reactive than usual. Stay present, as we have extra emotional sparks on this fiery Moon, which can appear as inspired actions or unconscious triggers.

Feb 3 – The pace has picked up with all planets Direct, and it may be a bumpy day, as the Sun squares unpredictable Uranus. Others may act out of character – or you may be irritable and act out yourself. The unexpected can disrupt plans and rattle your nerves, but do your best to be flexible and avoid judgment, as the there could end up being an unanticipated benefit from whatever unfolds. Easy does it, as this electric energy will be present all weekend. Curveballs, blindsides and the unexpected are on the menu – and although potentially shocking, it can also be a portal for insights or breakthroughs, so stay open.

Feb 4 – Venus squares Mars, which can create spicy, exciting interactions – or competition, conflicts, creativity or passion. A lot depends on the consciousness and the intentions of the individuals involved – and the personal discipline, as Venus square Mars can be impulsive. Be mindful of who and what you’re desiring, attracted to and your actions. Make good use of this ripe, creative, passionate duo!

Feb 5 – Full Moon @ 16º Leo at 10:29am PST – The Full Moon is when things come to light in your world; what is being illuminated that you weren’t seeing before? The highest expression of Leo is to be the Light that you came here to be – and with the Full Moon, to use your gifts for the Greater Good (Aquarius).

What are you ready to create, develop, expand or contribute to the world now – or next? What special gifts do you have that bring you joy, that you can share with the world? Allow this Full Moon to illuminate your path and allow awarenesses to surface that awaken you to new insights for the benefit of All.

Uranus squares the Sun/Moon axis (a T-square) and sets up a dynamic energy of tension and action with rebellious Uranus as the focal point, determined to disrupt the status quo and be a catalyst for progressive change. It can also create chaotic change, but the end result is liberation from old stuck patterns, no matter how it happens, so be proactive and focus on what needs attention in your life.

What is complete and is ready for release? Leo and Aquarius are willing to take a risk and try something new, so tune into where you’re being guided – and in order to be creative and innovative, you must lose your fear of being wrong and be willing to make mistakes. Release the need for perfection when you’re creating. Creativity and innovation are expressions of Spirit and they expand your world – get into it!

When you dare to express your Authentic Self, you will experience joy and magnetize the right and perfect people into your orbit who resonate with you. No more hiding, pretending, people-pleasing, trying to fit in. Be yourself and relax. When you live in authenticity, you are operating from a place of peace, love, truth, openness and joy, which holds no worry, resistance, protection, fear. Imagine that. Being real. It’s a spiritual practice. Tune in, rather than focusing on “out there.”

Feb 6 – Mercury sextile Neptune, is nonlinear, right-brained energy that is beautiful for connecting, writing, speaking, photography, channeling and all intuitive pursuits. After the weekend of intensity with the Uranus square, whatever has come up for you, this is the perfect energy to allow it to integrate by taking a walk in nature, meditating, journaling, or visioning to see what downloads you get from all that has occurred. Trust your Inner Guidance, as always, and if you dream, pay attention to what comes through (Neptune rules dreams). Soft, gentle, quiet. Go within and allow.

Feb 8 – Venus sextile Uranus, brings surprises re: what you love, excitement, fun, innovation, a change of plans in a good way – a gift, date, flowers, beauty, a blessing, affirmation, appreciation or abundance that is unexpected. A change of style, decorating, creative expression. Enjoy. Life’s little pleasures can mean so much. Treasure these gifts.

The Great Awakener (Uranus), is here and the stretch is to loosen your grip on your old ways of operating and your usual perspectives about life. A big ask, but necessary, as anything that is stale or no longer useful is ripe for a challenge now. Let’s see how things unfold and know that it’s your job to evolve, as the world is  going to change in ways that we can’t even fathom at this point.

We are approaching Pluto in Aquarius  – and we’ll only get a preview in 2023 (March 23 – June 11, ’23), in 2024 it will come in for six months (Jan – Sept ’24), then in Nov ’24 it will stay in Aquarius for good.

Everything is preparing us for the next step and the next step. Trust in the Divine Order of the Universe. There is wisdom beyond what we know with our human egoic minds. All is well, we are on track and this is an exciting time of accelerated movement and change that you ARE ready for (no matter what you think!).

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“A quantum leap is the unexpected that comes to you with sudden grace. You can open yourself to it, you can even invite it, but you can’t make it happen by struggling harder or insisting on first developing the perfect plan.” ~ Price Pritchett 

“Fear doesn’t help anything. Compassion creates quantum energy. Fear creates darkness.” ~ Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll

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