Full Moon in Gemini – November 2023

Sagittarius focuses on the big picture, your ideals and expanding your world via travel, education or your consciousness. Rise beyond the mind to tap into a dream, a vision, or a mission that you feel compelled to fulfill to access a higher expression of your potential (and idealistic Sagittarius). This can be profoundly inspiring and deeply meaningful when you connect with your true ideals.

Nov 24 – We step into the holiday shopping-marketing frenzy with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in impulsive Sagittarius, ready to seize opportunities, invitations and offers without a second thought, which can create an abundance of material items, activities, bills, or clutter (mental, emotional and physical). More isn’t always better, especially when consciousness is lacking. If you’re on a buying spree, what is activating your choices? I invite you to inquire within…

Nov 25 – Mars square Saturn. A reality check, as you are faced with decisions after the enthusiasm of yesterday, which may be a blessing. Saturn is the adult in the room asking, “What do you really want and what are willing to do to get it?” Limits, boundaries and plans are healthy for optimistic Sagittarius, as you can make your inspiration practical (which Sag doesn’t do). Let this work for you, be prudent and if you hit a “no” or a delay, take it as a sign to reconsider your choice, your expectations and trust the timing. 

Nov 26 – North Node conjunct Eris. The North Node of Destiny (or Fate) and Eris, the female Disruptor, are exact in Aries today and tomorrow on the Full Moon, but they’ve been a degree apart for a few months, activating world chaos. Personally, this can trigger anger, pain, rage and shame that’s been buried deep within you – and if so, try to embrace the wounded part with love, rather than pushing it away so you can feel your way through it. Love yourself and every aspect of your experience. Running from pain won’t heal you. Stay present with it, knowing that the pain isn’t YOU, and if you need help, ask for it – there is so much available. See everything in your experience as an opportunity for your growth and evolution and know that our world is being turned upside down, inside out, to lead us into a new frontier.

Nov 27 – Full Moon in Gemini @ 4º at 1:17am PST. This is a complex Full Moon with six planets in mutable signs indicating movement and flexibility. The Moon in Gemini wants communication and info – and it’s ruled by Mercury in Sagittarius – not good with details, speaks before thinking, honest but can be blunt and zealous. A great preacher, teacher, motivational speaker. Not the best listener. 

The Moon in Gemini is easily distracted, loves to connect and wants to know everything! The Moon squares Saturn, so communication will not be as forthcoming as usual and info will likely be withheld. This dampens the mood of this normally upbeat Full Moon, making it more subdued.  The Sun conjunct Mars is impulsive, impatient and wants action NOW, but is squaring Saturn – so it’s blocked, delayed and frustrated. Higher expression: Sun-Mars is energized and motivated with restraint and discipline, able to channel the energy into other productive activities. 

Mercury (ruler of the Full Moon) squares Neptune, which creates misinformation or confusion in 3D for those who are left-brained or linear. The higher use of this energy is to go within and *feel* the big picture vision that’s calling to you for your future; not what your mind thinks is possible, but what your heart and soul tells you. 

Don’t think about the “how” – honor your unique expression, what you love and what resonates with you. Journal and do stream of consciousness writing (writing is a Gemini activity) to see what comes through for you. Nonlinear is Neptune – let whatever you do be easy, in flow, with effortless action. By tapping into your (3rd eye) higher vision, you activate a metaphysical principle that becomes energized by being recognized. 

This is an opportunity to use your intuitive gifts on the Gemini Full Moon to see what you discover. You can meditate, be in nature or do any relaxing activity that connects you with your inner Self and allow dreams, visions and ideas to appear. Set your intention to discover your big vision (no matter your circumstances, age, etc). Let this be a spiritual practice and be curious (Gemini). Wonder and awe (Neptune) are elements of childlike innocence, that are rejuvenating and spiritual fuel. Feed yourself what you really need.

Nov 29 – Mercury conjunct Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is at 27º Sagittarius, the center of the Milky Way galaxy – the Black Hole, a portal to higher consciousness that allows us to access frequencies that clear lower energies and recalibrate our minds. Give yourself quiet time to open to incoming downloads and allow your mind-body space to integrate and upgrade with the newly arriving frequencies. 

In just two weeks, we will have Mercury Retrograde on Dec 12-Jan 1, 2024. The holiday season will be slowed down, a little backwards and the mail will have extra snafus likely. This is a heads up so you can prepare for travel, shopping, planning. Not to be in fear or worry, rather to create extra space, knowing that we need the slowdown for our minds and nervous systems to have a rest.

Don’t over-schedule yourself; allow yourself and your loved ones to be present and exhale…

Wishing you a blessed, powerful, transformative week.

“We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery.” ~ HG Wells 

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer. A bird sings because it has a song. ” ~ Maya Angelou

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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