Full Moon in Gemini, Mercury Retrograde – Dec ’17

We have potentially chaotic energy today as Venus moves into frisky Sagittarius, followed by Mars (action) opposing Uranus (unexpected). This dynamic energy can be impulsive and reactive, so be forewarned.

Use the high energy in deliberate ways for inspiration, to accomplish tasks or to do something creative. Just know that patience will be helpful in dealing with others and step back before reacting if you’re hit with a surprise.

The Moon is Void of Course at 8:53pm ET tonight until mid-afternoon tomorrow, so easy does it. Routine tasks, body care, spiritual or creative pursuits are recommended. I would keep things light and simple this weekend. Be sure to back up your technology asap!

On Sunday, we have a Full Moon in Gemini (information, communication and all mental processes) and just hours prior, Mercury turns Retrograde, which indicates possible interference, stagnant energy and/or missing or wrong info. Get ready and prepare to be flexible.

Mercury is conjunct Saturn, which rules thinking and bringing ideas into form. This duo was together earlier in the week – and will meet again on Dec 6th and on Jan 12/13, so you’ll be working with a theme in your life centering around Mercury-Saturn issues.

This can be concerning any form of communication, education, writing, speaking, teaching, info or any kind of Gemini activity. Saturn is reality. It may be your mental patterns and ways of thinking or communicating.

Saturn will bring up anything that needs attention and will put it right in your face so there’s no missing the signs. That’s why they call Saturn “The Great Teacher.” You are meant to get the message, make decisions and do something to redirect the energy. Rather than waiting to be confronted with non-working patterns, be proactive and create something needed that will evolve your life.

Neptune (dreams) is squaring this Full Moon exactly, which adds a layer of confusion to the mix, especially if you’re left-brained or trying to focus on a linear process. Neptune energy is perfect for intuitive, creative, spiritual or leisure activities. I love this energy for receiving a massage or bodywork.

In a square Neptune unwinds old structures, so be willing to examine what you think by expanding out to a bigger picture than your, “This is the way it is!” mind tells you. Be open. Be flexible and just explore without needing to attach to anything specific. You may make some interesting discoveries that lead to new directions.

If you try to control life and push yourself (or others) this week, you’ll feel like you’re herding cats and it’s a recipe for frustration. My guidance: take twice as much time to do half as many things. Slow down. Beyond the necessities, take time to check in with yourself to see if your actions are necessary – and in alignment with your spirit.

If you hit an obstacle, take the opportunity to meditate for a moment or be grateful for your blessings. Don’t allow frustration to lower your vibration. Use any slowdowns as a deliberate rest. Take a nap. Flow with the energy rather than pushing against the energy (swimming upstream).

And of course, take impeccable care of yourself. Mercury Retrograde is a good time to plan, vision, prepare, clear clutter and organize your life. But not all at once. No rush. Easy does it. Even during Holiday time.

If you shop for gifts this week, make sure you can return anything that’s not quite right. Just allow yourself space for wiggle room.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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