Full Moon in Gemini – December 7, 2022

Dec 5 – We just had a weekend immersed in the Neptune Direct Station in dreamy Pisces, that can slow walk and unwind your ambitions and vitality, making you just want to chill out or daydream. To be proactive, use spiritual practices or creative pursuits to raise your frequency, as Neptune and Pisces calls your attention within.

To be proactive, use spiritual practices, creative pursuits or selfless service to raise your frequency – knowing that Neptune and Pisces calls your attention within.

Rest as much as possible if you feel the need to and listen for messages from your Inner Guidance, as your intuitive channel is highly attuned in this space. Messages from the higher realms filter through your consciousness to help you evolve when you’re ready to “hear” or receive your next steps in this sacred process…

Dec 6 – Mercury square Jupiter can generate big ideas propelled by optimism or ideas or that stretch the truth; a master sales type. Seeing the big picture is healthy, but getting caught up in hype is destructive, as is taking on too much, saying “yes” without thinking it through, etc. Mercury is in the final degrees of Sagittarius and it wants to say “yes!” to everything that sounds good (and lots of things sound good!).

Dec 6 @ 2pm PST – Thankfully, Mercury moves into serious, stable Capricorn and now decisions will be careful, thoughtful and planning will be done through a lens of prudence. Mercury in Capricorn is a reality check – what’s useful, what isn’t and what makes sense for the long term. This is the lens you’re looking through, as Capricorn is about building things that last.

With dreamy Neptune in Pisces and Mars Retro in lively Gemini, we have a lot of mutable energy – creating change, reactivity, ongoing movement and fluidity. Mercury in Capricorn is grounding with its deliberate decision-making, never rushed or impulsive, always measured and practical, which will help to balance scattered energy due to five planets in mutable signs. Plus – FYI, Mercury will be in Capricorn until mid-Feb ’23 due to its Retrograde that begins on Dec 29, ’22.

Dec 7 – Full Moon in Gemini 8:07pm PST – with fiery Mars Retrograde hidden behind the Moon, with Mars at its closest to the earth, bringing primal desires and passion to the fore. A Full Moon always stirs up emotions a few days prior to the time of the Moon becoming Full, but with Mars on the Moon opposing the Sun, this one can be productive, showing you what needs to go – or it can be volatile, with Mars in Gemini using words as weapons. The Sagittarius Sun wants the truth, what is real – and it can be blunt with words, too, so think before you speak (channel cautious Mercury in Capricorn) so as not to cause problems.

Use the Sun in Sagittarius to seek inspiration on this Full Moon, be curious (Gemini) about what you need, or what you can do to make your life better, or how you can best move forward. Gemini is about choices – and you may have many in your busy mind on the Full Moon, so give yourself room to brainstorm without committing to anything at the moment.

You may have a lot of nervous energy with Mars in Gemini on your emotional Moon and opposing the Sun, so either you’re busy or tightly wound. Do what you need to do to discharge the energy in a healthy, healing, productive way for you – a walk in nature, a swim, a bike ride? You should know.

Also, the Sun in inconjunct Uranus (the rebel), needing space and freedom to try something new and different in order to evolve. What might that be for you? Sit and ask, see what comes through, as Jupiter and Neptune are still conjoined in mystical Pisces, bringing magic, messages and downloads from higher realms.

As always on a Full Moon, take note of what is complete and be willing to release that which no longer serves you. Stop knocking on closed doors, drop dead ends, cut the cords, let go of relationships that have run their course and create space for newness to arrive in your life. Use Mars to make decisions and cut out what no longer belongs or is useful for you (attitudes, ways of operating, habits).

Dec 8 – Sun opposes Mars – and you may have a conflict or be in competition with someone, or maybe you think they’re being pushy (or is it you?). Whatever it is, someone is hot to trot to have their way and if you have to deal with that person, it would help if you can agree on an outcome and then find a mutually agreed way to get there. Easy does it… This is great for physical tasks, anything requiring focused effort, but it is tricky for personal interactions, so use your best compassionate and diplomatic skills.

Pay attention to what your Mars is telling you. Look for your soul’s deeper message that’s trying to come through. Is there some part of you that has been suppressed that wants to saying “Let me out!”?

Align with your Highest Truth and frequency, in order to center yourself – and give yourself space to process and integrate your experience this week, with reverence for All That Is.

“Pearls do not lie on the seashore, if you desire one you must dive for it.” ~ Asian proverb 

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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