Full Moon in Gemini – Dec 6, ’14

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There’s an electric energy in the air as Mercury (the mind) trines Uranus (genius) in expansive Sagittarius, allowing you to birth innovative ideas and connections that create new neural pathways and the potential for life-changing creations. 

This is highly stimulating, exhilarating energy – take advantage of it by brainstorming and giving yourself the space to let your ideas flow! You never know what brilliance is waiting to come through you…

Mars (action/will) moved from methodical, cautious, rules & regulations Capricorn into original, revolutionary Aquarius yesterday, allowing you to break free and create innovative new ways of moving through life. 

Mars in Aquarius is a rule-breaker and free spirit, with a focus on doing things its own unique way. This will continue through mid-Jan, so stop looking for permission and start moving in alignment with the rhythm of your spirit. Remember, nobody is walking in your shoes but you, so YOU decide what’s right for you!

The Full Moon in Gemini (when things come to light) is on Sat, Dec 6 while the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Sagittarius. Gemini is about curiosity, connecting with others and gathering info, while Sag seeks to make meaning of it all and expand your horizons. This is the highly creative energy of ideas and wisdom.


                                Jupiter Retrograde – Dec 8th

On Monday, happy, lucky Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) stations to turn Retrograde until April ’14. This gives you a four month window to review and revise your beliefs – and your beliefs create your entire life – no exaggeration. What you believe is possible is exactly what you create and call in.

Every thought, reaction or response you have goes through the prism of your beliefs (conscious and unconscious). Think about the changes you’re experienced since March ’14. Notice what has shifted – what is true for you now that’s different then?

Here is a Jupiter inquiry: Have you been underestimating yourself – settling for too little? If so, why?

Allow yourself to stretch beyond old ideas of yourself and of life. When your beliefs change (on a deep level), your life will change accordingly. You have evolved and circumstances have changed. This is a time of going within and connecting with your North Star, or Higher Self. ‘Tis the season for re-examination and to make new decisions.

We are approaching the sixth of seven Uranus-Pluto squares on Monday, Dec 15th. Whatever’s out of alignment will make itself known, internally and/or externally, so pay attention.

Being proactive is much easier and more empowering than sitting still and then being reactive. And know that hard aspects (squares) are turning points where major breakthroughs are waiting to happen. Are you ripe and ready? Hint: discomfort means that something within you is ready to pop!

Expand, enjoy, brainstorm, create — and pay attention to any limitations you experience. They have got to go – that’s what these last two years have been about, so take action and make changes wherever necessary.

Be willing to be your most fully expressed Self!

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