Full Moon in Gemini – Dec ’16


Take advantage of today’s connection between the Sun and expansive Jupiter. This is a day to stretch, ask for what you want and/or take a leap towards your heart’s desires. Reach out, connect with others (business and/or personal) and hold your clear intention. The energy of optimism and positivity will attract blessings into your space!

At the same time Saturn is conjunct the Sun, which may require a decision or “reality check” re: any projects, actions or activities you are engaged in. Don’t lose heart, just know that there is work to do – clean up, organization, or details to be handled.

This is a test of your commitment to your ideals. Don’t be intimidated. Show up for what matters to you!

Saturn brings up anything that’s out of alignment or overlooked that must be dealt with in order to move forward. This is about taking responsibility for creating what you want – and it is worth it, because it will change you in the process. You are creating integrity.

Sometimes Saturn comes in the form of Authority figures (your boss, the govt, parents) – but it’s really about you claiming your Inner Authority and trusting yourself to move forward. Don’t shrink, doubt yourself or give up. That’s counter-productive and will leave you feeling disempowered. Get help if you don’t feel strong enough to trust yourself to be your own Authority. Please! You aren’t meant to live this way…

Tuesday is the Full Moon in Gemini at 7:05pm EST, containing an array of aspects to set the stage. Saturn (responsibility) is beside the Sun while Uranus (change, innovation) is in harmony with the Sun & Moon. And squaring both is Chiron (the wound), which can bring up all the reasons why you can’t do (fill in the blank) now…

Your challenge? To focus on moving forward and creating the new, while recognizing that the past is OVER! For better or worse, you can’t go back, so let go of your old ideas of how life should be that you are projecting on to your future (I am this. I do it like this.).

This is a real stretch – to be willing to show up in new ways, open to new possibilities and creations. Really. But it’s a new world, a new day, and the energy is calling for you to stretch. Holding onto the past is counterproductive. This is why we need each other to move forward – we all need support!

So… the expansive, innovative energy of Jupiter opposing Uranus is in harmony with serious Saturn all week and the invitation is to create or do something new and different going forward. We’ve got a big hit of energy now, before Mercury goes Retrograde and the energy shifts dramatically in the New Year.

What are you waiting for?? We have major fiery energy now, which is ripe for creating, so take an action toward your future now. And prepare for Mercury Retrograde (coming Dec 19th). The closer we get to the turnaround, the slower the movement becomes. It’s prime time for holiday shopping, making big moves, commitments or purchases. Take advantage of the good energy this weekend.

The Moon Void of Course guide lets you know when the energy is off for taking specific actions. Handy for maximum efficiency.

It’s a dynamic week. The actions you take (or don’t take) are creating your future, so be bold and stretch forward!


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