Full Moon in Capricorn with a twist – July ’16

7 years ago


We enter the final week of sensitive Cancer today, still reeling from last night’s attack. The Sun is moving into a square with revolutionary Uranus as the possibility for shock and unexpected changes lingers over the weekend.

The highest use of this energy is to break out of a rut or use it as impetus to make a bold new move if you’ve been hesitating. Choosing to be proactive is the way to utilize the mojo rather than being at the effect of it (being the lightning rather than being hit by the lightning).

Whatever you do, move deliberately with connection, not to be provocative or reactive, which only stirs an already volatile pot. Stay conscious and hold an intention for the Greater Good of all concerned, remembering that connection is the antidote for reaction.

Over the weekend the emotional temperature will continue to rise as we inch toward the Full Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday, which happens to fall right in the middle of the Republican Convention.

This should be interesting… especially because the Full Moon falls on Pluto (power) in the chart of the U.S. What a recipe for drama… But you don’t have to play that game. You don’t have to get sucked into other people’s circus, battles, or right/wrong challenges.

The Full Moon is on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which highlights the balance between your personal life, needs and security vs. your professional life, need for achievement and practical security. This is a good time to check in on the balance in your life around your personal needs and your career.

This Full Moon is marked by support from Mars in Scorpio, but also provoked by Uranus, planet of rebellion and change. It’s complex, but there is dynamic energy present that you can utilize in order to move forward. Mars gives you the giddy-up to move forward with drive – and Uranus needs to be directed with focus and intention.

Want to be proactive in a healthy way? Create a personal intention – and then create an intention around how that can serve the Greater Good as well.

Know that your personal growth and empowerment IS your contribution, as long as your desires are not all ego-driven (look how fabulous I am!). The need to appear fabulous indicates a personal wound around a lack of knowing your true value and needing others’ adoration. But I digress…

Instead of being at the effect of all this shocking, rebellious energy that throws people off-balance, be proactive and use it to make moves that require innovation, courage and that truly connect you to your Authentic Self.

That’s a high use of Uranian energy! And, flexibility is ultra-helpful during this time, so don’t get stuck in attachment to one way of something happening. Stay open…

Remember, we’re here to be part of the change. Direct your attention to create change with love – and don’t be derailed by dark forces that conspired to undermine your spirit. We are powerful and committed. And love rules.

The Moon Void of Course can easily derail intended outcomes and create chaos instead of smooth productivity – and it is also the optimal time to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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