Full Moon in Capricorn – June 23, ’13

Summer Solstice

We’ll be shifting gears this week as planets change signs, we have a Full Moon and Mercury goes Retrograde for 3 weeks. Flow with the changes and ride the waves.

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the first day of summer, as we enter the watery, gentle sign of Cancer. Enjoy the stillness of the Sun as it radiates its dazzling Light – let the energy feed and inspire you to awaken!

Cancer rules emotional needs and how you get them met, your home (your nest), feelings of tenderness and vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, food, tradition, connection, nurturing and being nurtured.

After being in Cancer only two days, we have a Full Moon early Sunday in the hardworking sign of success, Capricorn. Emotional energy is sky high until the Moon is full and “pops,” so easy does it today and tomorrow…

On this Full Moon, you are faced with the polarity between getting your emotional needs met and creating worldly success. Are you in balance? What needs to shift in your life in order to create a greater flow between the personal and professional?

You will feel whatever is out of alignment in your life, and it is your responsibility (Capricorn) to take care of yourself (Cancer).

If you feel more sensitive or emotional now, allow it to attune you to what you may be overlooking in your quest for security or success. If you feel discomfort, the energy is calling to you for attention.

Love and nurture yourself – and know that taking responsibility for what you create in the world (personal and professional) is your ultimate contribution.

Are you positive or fearful? Are you compassionate or judgmental?

The energy you carry within is your contribution, not just the image you think you are presenting to the world. Everything counts!

Diminishing others or yourself brings the collective vibration down, so be loving and compassionate to all.

Happy, lucky, expansive Jupiter moves into Cancer on Tuesday night for one year. Jupiter is exalted in this nurturing sign, which offers you a feeling of abundance, bounty and infinite possibilities!

Tap into this energy, along with Neptune (dreams) still connecting with Saturn (reality) to know that you CAN create dreams come true when you take actions that are aligned with a clear intention and your Higher Self. Yes, yes, yes!!

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