Full Moon in Capricorn – July 3, ’12

11:52 am PDT ~ 2:52 pm EDT

The intensity continues, as we’re being forced out of our comfort zone by back to back astrological curve balls, squeezes and jolts.

The oppressive effects of the Uranus-Pluto square continue and the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn exacerbates the feelings of rebellion and desire for freedom wherever we feel trapped or limited.

Over the weekend the emotional intensity rises as we approach the Full Moon, so once again, easy does it. Avoid power struggles and if you’re triggered, step back and unwind to get clear and decide how you want to respond.

Think of the weather we experience now regularly – torrential rains, floods, damaging winds, ravaging fires, and melting ice caps, along with increasing tornados and other wild weather events.

Now imagine that happening within you! Are you having an inner tsunami?!

The big picture is that we are in the midst of alchemy and purification. Love and compassion is the higher expression of the energy and competition and dominance is the lower expression. You are meant to be a creator, not a passenger who is just along for the ride.

The personal expression of higher energy is innovative thinking and authentic self-expression with healthy self-esteem.

It also includes taking responsibility for getting your wants and needs met with healthy boundaries in place. And always, with love and compassion for the greater good of all concerned.

You are here now ON PURPOSE (gentle reminder :)).

Decide how you want to express your Self and live your life – and don’t allow these tumultuous times to throw you off-course!

Coming Attractions – FYI

Uranus turns Retrograde on Friday, July 13th for 5 months, one day before Mercury follows by going Retrograde.

Uranus represents your Authentic Self and liberation, so wherever you feel restricted, you are ripe for release!

Get ready to break out of old, stale routines and the best case scenario is having the courage to step out of the box, embrace a new perspective regarding yourself and your life, and do something different!

I lovingly call this a “hostage release.” Courage is required and will serve you well. You will never become who you’re meant to be by staying safe!

Mercury will turn Retrograde on Sat, July 14th until Wed, Aug 8th so you have plenty of time to get yourself ready.

Make any large purchases, launch or begin any new projects now before the energy slows down.

Get your free Mercury Retrograde report for a refresher with guidance to prepare!

Wishing you blessings and love always.

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