Full Moon in Capricorn – July ’14

Dark Water Moon

We open this week on the eve of the Full Moon on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which indicates something coming to light over the next few days. It also heightens emotions (especially during sensitive Cancer), so as always leading up to a Full Moon, easy does it…

The Capricorn Full Moon with the Sun in Cancer is about focusing on career/achievement vs. self-care/your personal life. Are you in balance, or are you dominant in one area and sacrificing the other for it?

This is a good time to assess your current setup and make corrections wherever needed. It’s very easy (and acceptable) to justify overworking or chasing status for the sake of achievement or security. Think of the price you pay when you abandon your needs consistently, for whatever reason. What can you change to create a more nurturing way of operating? I say do it. Your heart will thank you :))

This weekend, Venus (love) aligns with Mars (action) and the North Node (destiny), indicating harmonious connections and an influx of positive energies that can activate new relationships, a new creative flow or just a sweet feeling of harmony. It is for the Greater Good, as the North Node is a always a positive karmic reference point.

After months of Retrograde action, we are finally coming out of the planetary shadows to move forward – either by shifting a major aspect of life or by doing something very differently than you did it before. Watch what is incoming and stay tuned for new action :))

Jupiter leaves Cancer on Wed, July 16th and moves into Leo (sign of creativity and self-expression) for one year. Use this energy of abundance and higher truth to expand the ways in which you speak up and allow yourself to be seen (Leo).

This energy encourages you to come out of hiding and claim your leadership, even if it’s just within your own life!

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