Full Moon in Cancer ~ Wed, Jan 19th ’11

All planets are currently in Direct motion so we’re moving forward – however, you may not know exactly where you’re going or where you are yet. That’s okay…

We’re moving into new territory and it’s important that you operate based on what FEELS right for you – not by trying to figure things out in your head. As I’ve said before, it’s like being in a new country where you don’t quite speak the language yet.

Trust your intuition and go within to connect when you need to get clear.

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on Wed, Jan 19th and the emotional energy will be escalating beginning on Monday, so be mindful of staying in your center and please don’t engage in drama or power struggles! Easy does it early in the week.

The Full Moon in Cancer brings up issues of emotional security and professional achievement. Here are some pertinent questions:

* Are your personal/emotional needs being met?

* Are you standing in your authority?

* Do you feel safe in the world?

* Is your need for professional achievement being met in ways that feel right for you?

* Does your home life feel nurturing for you?

If anything feels out of alignment for you, then a course correction is called for. Be willing to take action to remedy any energetic drains in your personal and professional life – and if you don’t know what they are, then get help to find out. This action alone can change your life dramatically!

The goal is to learn to work smarter so that you create what you want and need while feeling comfortable and whole.

The day after the Full Moon, the Sun enters Aquarius, sign of innovation, revolution, genius and “the new.” Get ready to break some old rules and find new ways of doing things. We’ll be entering a totally different energy a week from now, so use this week to plan and get yourself focused.

“Let others vibrate as they vibrate and want the best for them. Never mind how they’re flowing to you. You concentrate on how you’re flowing.” ~ Abraham

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