Full Moon in Cancer / Uranus Direct – Dec 25, 2015

We awaken to a soft, beautiful Full Moon in family-oriented, nurturing Cancer, which is perfect for the Christmas holiday. Mercury (communication) is in harmony with expansive Jupiter and the Moon is in harmony with dreamy Neptune, which makes for a sweet, lovely, abundant experience.

On the Full Moon in Cancer, you are asked to focus on your needs – for care, nurturing, emotional connection, and security. The Sun in Capricorn asks you to take responsibility for what you are creating and the Moon in Cancer asks you to tune into your intuition and FEEL what feels right for you. When you create the right balance between responsibility and your needs/intuition, you are on the right track.

Remember, Cancer brings up all your feelings – the happy ones and not so happy ones (hurt, lonely, sad, empty, separate, angry, etc). Family (present or absent) can trigger old wounds. After all, who better to activate them than those who installed them? :))

Guidance: be gentle with yourself and others. There are many people who are missing loved ones during this time. Maybe you can reach out and make someone’s day if you think about who might be alone – or need some attention or care. Be generous and your heart will thank you.

Tonight, Uranus (change/genius/Authentic Self) turns Direct, which can activate some kind of unexpected change or surprise. But tonight is extra special, because when Uranus goes Direct, ALL the planets are Direct until Jan 5th when Mercury Retrogrades.

So just to be clear, beginning tomorrow all the planets are in Direct motion until January 5th, when Mercury goes Retrograde until Jan 25. That’s 10 days of Direct planetary motion – and I call it: ALL SYSTEMS GO!

This is the time to get clear about your intentions for 2016 – and take action toward anything you want to begin, activate, increase, create or develop. Get clear and take some action because it won’t be time to start anything new again until after Jan 25th(ish). You’ll spend much of January course-correcting things that are calling for attention…

If you’re going to purchase a car, technology or anything else major, do it now/soon, or be prepared to wait.

This is a sacred time for forward movement – one we won’t see again during 2016, so make the most of it.

Wishing you a blessed week. Let the sweet feeling of this day carry you forward through the week closing out an eventful year. ♥︎

The Moon Void of Course can interfere with intended outcomes and productivity – but they are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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