Full Moon in Cancer / Mars Stations Direct – January 2023

Jan 6, 2023 – The Moon is Full in Cancer at 3:07pm PST, when emotions run high, as you reflect on the path you’ve traveled in the past few years and contemplate the year ahead. This Full Moon conjoins the Fixed Star Sirius, a portal to divine potential and higher consciousness, inviting you to pursue the authentic expression of your life purpose and Being. 

Cancer rules your emotional needs and how you get them met, home (your nest), feelings of tenderness and vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, tradition, connection, nurturing and being nurtured. Your home life needs to feel nurturing for you. Cancer is the sign of the mother and it’s a spiritual practice to care for yourself in a loving way. Make it your business to give yourself what you need and honor your feelings as messages re: what works for you and what doesn’t. Anything problematic is available for course correction, healing or care.

Chiron squares the Full Moon, calling for healing and facing any obstacles that stand between you and your goals, dreams, or intentions. Anything that arises and appears as a block is an out-picturing of a “No” within your consciousness, a limitation that was implanted earlier, waiting to be recognized and transcended. Finding the way through is part of your path – and it’s a self-esteem builder, an empowerment escalator and an element of being human. Humility is necessary, especially if you think you should already know how to (fill in the blank). 

Uranus sextiles the Full Moon – Trust your intuition when you need to get clear and just do the next right thing, as Uranus can bring unexpected opportunities that bring a flash of insight where you suddenly know exactly what to do – or you can see in a new light. Things are changing, so don’t be attached to your old expectations and familiar routines. Be flexible and ready to adapt to new ways of operating that will serve your authenticity and broaden your horizons.

Jan 7 – Mercury Retrogade conjoins the Sun, with opportunities for insights or realizations that enlighten you and inform your choices going forward. The goal is awakening and aligning your thoughts with your feelings, rather than being in polarity – the mind vs. your emotions. You are moving into new territory and it’s important to FEEL what feels right for you, not by trying to figure things out in your mind.

Jan 8 – Mercury trine Uranus – flashes of brilliance, insight, info and new ideas can appear, as well as communications that open doors or create dramatic changes. Good for brainstorming, visioning, new perspectives that change the whole picture! So beneficial! 

Jan 9 – Venus trine Retrograde Mars – may be a time of working things out re: creative expression, social interactions, style/beauty focus, sexual sparks and this is a great time for working on relationships, as yin/yang is in harmony. Because they are both in air signs (Venus=Aquarius, Mars=Gemini), they will LOVE talking things through and it’s a fabulous time for connecting every which way!  

Jan 11 – Mercury square Chiron – this occurred in mid-Dec and it can bring up the same issue again, or maybe there’s another issue connected to your thinking (negative thoughts, stuck, procrastination), hurtful words, or something new that pops up. Maybe you’re the healer, the counselor or teacher who supports someone else who is hurting, but Chiron is always desiring healing and ultimately, mastery. That is the goal.   

Jan 12 – Mars Stations Direct – planet of action/will has been Retrograde since Oct 30 and finally Mars turns Direct, but it will be barely moving – and it won’t clear its shadow (the area it has gone over during the Retrograde) until mid-March ’23. This is a fab time for upgrading what didn’t work out as hoped for the first time around (when Retrograde), and you can expect better results now, but be willing to move slowly, as the pace won’t pick up for a while. Patience…

Jan 12 – Venus sextile Chiron – a heart-wound or heart-healing, depending on your circumstances and level of consciousness. If you feel hurt and need support, do not allow your pride to block you from receiving the care you need, as this will impede your quality of life – and at the end of the day, what else really matters? Survival mode will take you so far, but it’s a low level model for living as a lifestyle when there is much  more available – and there are so many resources that are accessible, even free. The biggest obstacle to heart-healing is fear of trusting that someone actually wants to help you. Don’t let that be you. Please.

This is a big turnaround week, with internal movement, which creates the beginnings of your template for 2023. Enjoy and look ahead with optimism and the promise of a bright future!  

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer and Coach, and Creator of Awakened Life Retreats, helping seekers discover who they came here to be and how to create an empowered, meaningful life. It is a joyful, heartfelt journey. ❤️


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