Full Moon in Aries – October 2019

Today is a relatively quiet day with a Void Moon until after just midnight, ET. Do your routine, plan, create, relax – but don’t make major commitments, purchases or dates today if you can help it. It’s not the best day, as things may fall apart later. And because we are approaching a Full Moon on Sunday, be cool, as emotional energy will be rising until then.

Sat, Oct 12 may bring a surprise in love, relationship, $$, beauty, style, or creativity. Change (internal or external) – you may try something radically different or you experience the unexpected via another. May be fun, exciting or confusing, but will definitely create a twist. Be flexible and curious before judging anything as good or bad.

On Sun, Oct 13 @ we have a Full Moon in Aries at 5:08pm ET. The Full Moon is always the culmination of things or when things come to Light, to be seen.

Aries is the maverick, pioneer, warrior, and with this energy, you want it YOUR way – direct and action-oriented. Libra is the peacemaker, desiring harmony, balance and beauty. Libra is the mirror, seeking compromise, connection and loves a win-win (a Libra dream come true!)

The call is to assess your ability to take action and be assertive without being a steamroller vs. your ability to compromise without sacrificing your own needs. This is a high level skill set, so be compassionate with yourself and get the message about what you need to learn or strengthen.

Whatever you’re attracting that you don’t want is mirroring some part of you that’s unconscious in order to awaken you. Pluto (power, transformation) is squaring this Full Moon exactly, bringing up issues that are out of balance. One of the major pieces to look at is trust issues. Do you trust others, your Self? If either of these pieces are missing, you can never fully relax.

Have you given up your power and called in a bully or manipulator to reflect that – or are you the dominant  player? These are just two sides of one coin – and Pluto often brings power struggles. If you’re confronted with this energy, discern what part you are playing in this drama. There’s always something to learn in relationship dynamics that will enrich your life.

You may discover that you are operating in ways that surprise or even horrify you (not what you intended!), but don’t resist the information. Awareness provides you with the opportunity to heal shadow energy, and please seek help if you need it. Saturn is squaring the Full Moon as well, pushing you to do your work, whatever it is to change non-working dynamics.

Also this Full Moon is in exact harmony with happy, lucky Jupiter. This provides support, possibilities, opportunities and big picture thinking that can open new doors (if you’re looking). Pluto squaring the New Moon feels heavy, but Jupiter is a helping hand to show you a way though. Your participation is required though, so keep your eyes open!

On Mon, Oct 14 the Sun squares Pluto (more power issues), while Venus is in harmony with Saturn, creating stability in relationships, creativity and with $. Pay attention to how you use your power – where you give it up or take over. It’s necessary for wholeness, happiness and self-esteem.

Tue, Oct 15 is a perfect day for creative, intuitive or spiritual pursuits, and compassionate communications. Mercury sextile Neptune is the higher realm that channels Divine Love through your mind to be expressed via your unique gifts. Don’t miss the magic – use it well to create something beautiful!

Reminder: In 3 weeks, Mercury goes Retrograde Oct 31-Nov 20. Take actions toward anything new you want to begin and make major purchases now, before Mercury slows down later this month. And back up your technology.

Astrologer Kirk Kahn wrote this, which I love:

True North is the highest good of everyone. 

Ego lives in scarcity and wants to hold onto everything. 

Higher Self lives in abundance and releases all attachments. 

Ego uses spoken language. 

Higher Self is telepathic.

Always look for hidden gifts as well truths that are revealed going forward. Stay high and take good care!




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