Full Moon in Aries – Oct 11, ’11

                 Full Moon in Aries – Oct 11, ’11    

                 7:06 pm PDT ~ 10:06 pm EDT 

Moon Goddess

A Full Moon is when things come to light and it’s also the culmination of things and the Full Moon in Aries is on Oct 11th. You can expect emotional energy to increase over the weekend and early next week as we approach the Full Moon on Tuesday night (potentially escalating tension), so easy does it.

Aries is the maverick, the pioneer, the warrior, and with this energy, you want it YOUR way – direct, energetic and action-oriented.  Libra is the other-oriented, sign of peace, harmony, balance and beauty. Libra is “the mirror,” who desires compromise, connection and loves a win-win (a Libra dream come true!)

The task at hand is to assess your ability to take action and be assertive without being a steamroller vs. your ability to compromise without sacrificing your own needs. Check in with yourself and see what needs adjusting so that your masculine/feminine aspects are in balance, therefore making you more effective in your life as well as in the world.

Whatever you’re attracting in your life that you don’t like is mirroring some part of you that’s unconscious, and you’ve called it in to awaken you. Pluto is squaring Uranus, so when people or aspects of life feel oppressive, slow down and check in with yourself. The intensity in relationships right now is off the charts!

Have you given up your power and called in a bully or manipulator to reflect that? Or are you the dominant player? These are just two sides of one coin and Pluto often brings power struggles. If you’re confronted with this energy, don’t engage. I suggest that you withdraw and go within to discern what part you play in this drama.

Uranus squaring Pluto may compel you to seek freedom and authenticity wherever you feel trapped by life circumstances. Be brave and make those revolutionary changes – take the conscious leap!

Until you identify what’s out of alignment, you can’t make an effective correction. Therefore, it will serve you to do explore what’s really happening beneath the surface when you experience a relationship challenge of any kind.

You may discover that you are operating in ways that surprise or even horrify you – not at all what you intended! – but don’t resist the information. Awareness provides you with the opportunity to heal shadow energy – and please seek help if you aren’t able to correct it yourself.

Jupiter (expansion, more) is opposite Venus (love, $$, pleasure) indicating strong desires for love, passion and potential excess, so beware of overdoing it. Too much of anything will shift you out of balance.

Tao Earth
Remember the principle of the Tao – Yin (Divine Feminine) and Yang (Awakened Masculine)

They are two parts of the whole, and both need to be developed for optimal functioning.

All is in Divine order.

Be compassionate with yourself and with others and remember that everyone (including you!) is doing the best they can. ♥ 

“We do not create every circumstance we experience, but we do create our
experience of every circumstance we are in. We all have  response-ability.”
~ Mary Manin Morrissey


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