Full Moon in Aquarius – Aug ’14

Full Moon Giant

We have a harmonious trine today from the Sun & Mercury (essence & communication) to Uranus, planet of genius, independence and change. This creates unlimited possibilities for downloads of brilliance, new insights, innovative solutions and liberation. Wherever you’ve felt limitations, you may create a solution or decide, “No more!” Use this lively energy to transcend old self-imposed boundaries that are no longer relevant.

On Saturday the Sun squares Saturn (The Great Teacher), and you may encounter obstacles, responsibilities or challenging consequences of past decisions. Rather than allowing yourself to be dragged down by feelings of oppression or heaviness, step into your authority and take responsibility for whatever is calling for attention. Know that you can handle it (yes you can!).

Sunday brings the Full Moon in Aquarius, with Saturn in Scorpio squaring the Sun and the Moon. This is an aspect that usually calls for change or an adjustment – and it will likely be clear what needs correction. Is there an issue around restriction or limitation in your space? What is the real problem – and how can you create a shift that will open things up? That’s the opportunity for you here.

The Sun in Leo seeks creativity and personal expression and thrives in leadership, whether public or behind the scenes. It’s about being in charge of something that’s meaningful to you. Lower expressions of Leo demand attention and crave hero worship. FYI: Evolved heroes and leaders in integrity fulfill their mission without seeking fanfare and glorification.

The Moon in Aquarius is focused on the Greater Good of All or the group. They think in terms of what will serve the masses and humanity rather than just one person or your immediate circle. Finding the balance between personal needs and the needs of humanity is the task at hand.

You are a Lightworker of some kind. How can you contribute to the group or Greater Good while stepping into your leadership? Find your path and you will be in alignment with this energy – and your Higher Self. It will give you a profound sense of fulfillment when you’re on purpose and I so wish that for you!

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