Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Aug 1, ’12

8:27 pm PDT ~ 11:27pm EDT

The Sun connects with Mercury on Sat, July 28th, which usually indicates bright ideas, clear insights and communications, but because Mercury is Retrograde, the info may not be fully accurate or complete.

As always, please use caution when proceeding with info gained during Mercury Retrograde, as new info may come to light after Mercury goes Direct.

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius on Wed evening, Aug 1st, and the emotional energy will increase prior to the Moon reaching its apex.

Watch your reactions to people and events – and remember that you decide how to internalize everything you experience!

Do not “awfulize” situations when you encounter the unexpected by overreacting. You torture yourself and create drama when you do that.

Rather, step back and take a breath. Center yourself and then DECIDE how you want to respond (if it’s appropriate to respond at all at that time). This is how you stay conscious!

The Full Moon can illuminate non-working patterns and what needs correction, so be aware and consider new possibilities.

Pluto squaring Uranus continues to create pressure and push you to awaken wherever you’ve been in avoidance or denial. This is not a gentle energy and can manifest as confrontations, sudden changes in which you feel blindsided or via power plays.

The Full Moon can also illuminate that which is within you – your gifts, strengths and talents. Is there a new aspect of Self that it’s time to claim, where you are ready to step into your mastery?

Do you believe that you are enough and know enough to offer your gifts to the world? How do you feel in response to this question – how do you value yourself?

These are major questions that create your life experience!

We are in the energy of Leo, which is about you as the Creator of your life, moment to moment. It’s more important than ever that you create consciously, because whatever isn’t working is being created unconsciously.

Time to awaken and honor yourself. Good things will surely be born from the energy of creativity and love!


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