Full Moon in Aquarius and more… July ’10

We’re in the midst of a major spiritual initiation that will be ongoing throughout the summer – and it’s a glimpse of what will unfold in 2011.

Your job is to trust the process and allow your perception to shift so that you can embody your new reality in the most empowering way possible for you.

For the next few weeks we have a challenging planetary setup that can easily provoke reaction, internally and externally. In order to navigate this terrain effectively, the call is to step into your highest self and be as conscious as possible. A daily spiritual practice is vital now to remind you of what is real and what is illusion.

When your reference points have shifted it can be confusing and challenging to maintain your balance as familiar operating systems no longer apply. You may feel disoriented regarding your own identity. Who am I now? Where do I belong? What do I really want?

If you find yourself “in the hallway” (no longer in one room and the next has yet to be revealed), surrender to being “in the question” rather than needing to have an answer right now. Appreciate being “in process” and feel into what you want to create or what you love.

You can keep your vibration high if you adjust your expectations  accordingly, look forward in faith and treat yourself with extreme TLC.

Here are the current events and coming attractions:

Wed, July 21st – Saturn in Libra

For the next two years, Saturn is in Libra, which will transform the way we experience relationships and what they mean to us. Libra is about balance, so wherever you are “off” in relationships, you will continue to have experiences that bring the energy up to be seen. Then you get to decide what to do about it. I suggest getting help and healing for whatever is out of alignment.

All your relationships are mirroring YOU back to YOU. It’s stressful when you project disowned aspects of yourself onto others because you will always feel separate and often victimized. It’s not about “them,” because you have magnetized “them” into your life to show you something about you!

Thurs, July 22nd – Sun enters Leo
The Sun leaves sensitive, emotional Cancer and enters dramatic, expressive Leo. This is the ultimate sign to be the Ruler of your Universe so put yourself front and center and decide what you want to create!

Fri, July 23rd – Jupiter Retrograde
Jupiter goes retrograde until mid-Nov ’10, giving you the opportunity to feel into your beliefs and notice what has shifted. Jupiter rules higher truth and again, you decide – what is true for you now? You have evolved, circumstances have changed and this is a time of going within to find your north star, or spiritual GPS.

Sat, July 24th – Jupiter square Pluto
Watch the energy amp up as we approach the Full Moon tomorrow night – and with the Saturn-Uranus opposition the following day, the emotional energy is already high, high, high! Jupiter magnifies everything and because it’s squaring Pluto (power, control, transformation), this is a potentially combustible, volcanic energy. Easy does it for the next few days. Move slowly and think things through before you act.

Sun, July 25th – Full Moon in Aquarius

The Aquarius Moon opposite the Leo Sun is the greater good vs. your personal interests. How can you find balance in this equation? Where can you honor and express yourself fully while still serving the greater good? That’s a worthy intention and and a high expression of Self to manifest.

Mon, July 26th – Saturn-Uranus Opposition
Here it is – the final showdown between these two for many years to come. Saturn is traditional and security-oriented vs. Uranus, the “new,” innovative, radical energy and their face-off creates tension if you’re on one side or the other. Furthermore, whichever polarity you hold, you will attract the other!

Pluto is squaring both Saturn and Uranus in this configuration, so lay low and do not engage in power struggles of any kind. Pluto rules everything that’s hidden, so you (or others) may act out repressed energies in ways that you would never have anticipated. If you encounter the dark side of yourself or another, pay attention to the unmet need that’s crying out for attention and be compassionate.

Are you sensing an overall theme here? Balance and compromise, non-reactivity and compassion will  diffuse potentially volatile or upsetting interactions. If you’re pointing the finger at anyone for any reason, you’re missing the point. What is the message for you?

Another thing – during challenging times impeccable self-care is required. It’s non-negotiable. If you are not getting your needs met then you are in sacrifice or deprivation which can only create more pain. Ask for help. Reach out. There is tremendous support and inspiration available these days, regardless of your circumstances.

After returning from an inspiring Avatar International Course in Orlando with four magnificent students (who each experienced extraordinary transformation), I’m off to CEO Space in Las Vegas and then to Kendall Summerhawk’s Money, Marketing and Soul Platinum Intensive in Tucson, AZ for the week.

This is an expansive month for me, reconnecting with people I love who help me grow. I also expect to make new (karmic) connections with people I’m supposed to know. However, I don’t know what to expect because I’m showing up in a different way as I have evolved, so there’s an element of mystery (I love that!).

What can you do to utilize this energy of change for yourself? Do something different!

I wish you ease and grace on your journey as you step further into your magnificence!

“It is not your role to make others happy; it is your role to keep yourself in balance. When you pay attention to how you feel and practice self-empowering thoughts that align with who-you-really-are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you.” ~ Abraham

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