Full Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius – July 2021

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Tonight, July 23, we have a Full Moon at 1º Aquarius @ 7:37pm PDT – the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius, with the next on Aug 22 @ 29º Aquarius. The focus is on progress, technology, the public and the future, everything that flies through the air (like recent space travel) and innovation. It’s always good to check and see what’s on the radar for you that speaks to progress in your life.

A Full Moon brings completions or culminations, when things come to light. Notice what’s ending (or needs to) on this Full Moon, because with Saturn and Pluto straddling the Moon, you will feel what’s oppressive and calling for a new decision. Get the memo and release stale routines, viewpoints, attitudes and behaviors in order to reorient your operating system for the future on this revolutionary Full Moon in Aquarius.

The weekend is up and down with back to back Mercury aspects, affecting your thinking, focus and communication. On July 24 Mercury trines dreamy Neptune, fueling spiritual, creative and intuitive pursuits, while creating harmonious conversations and connections. You feel what the next right move or decision is when you trust your intuitive Inner Guidance to inform you (your true GPS :)). 

Mercury opposes powerful Pluto on July 25, which can either bring disagreements and confrontations – or insights and breakthroughs, if you focus on problem-solving by going deep. After all, Pluto rules what’s hidden, so get ready if you dig, as you may discover info that changes the picture. In daily life, I suggest you steer clear of touchy subjects and be mindful of what you say with this potentially combustible aspect. Be clear and conscious, so you don’t invite trouble.

On July 27, we have the first of three planets changing signs, three days in a row. First, Mercury leaves gentle Cancer to enter showy Leo from July 27-Aug 11, making it time to speak up and be heard. Mercury in Leo is a creator; it can be charming, playful, is a great storyteller and leader. Have fun socializing, creating, directing – and express yourself! Decide what you want, speak it and go for it!

Jupiter leaves its home sign of Pisces and backs into Aquarius on July 28 until Dec 27, which is helpful, as Jupiter softens the vibe of rigid Saturn in Aquarius. My hope is that Jupiter feeds expansive progress and innovative technology that will better serve us going forward. 

July 29 brings Mars in Leo opposite Jupiter, which is perfect for physical challenges (sports, workouts) or actions that require stamina – but can become problematic if you overstep your boundaries by trying to force your actions on another. Pay attention and don’t overdo it! Use this for productivity, but monitor yourself so you don’t create boundary violations in the spirit of “helping.” We’ve all been there… :)) 

Later on July 29, Mars moves into humble, productive Virgo, earth sign that wants actions to be “right.” No half-measures, no sloppiness, details count. Also, Virgo seeks improvement via new techniques and skills, practices and rituals.

The critical analysis of Virgo can be handy in dealing with intricate details that are sometimes necessary, but don’t get bogged down in aiming for perfection. Use your good judgment to know when to hyper-focus and when to step back for a more spacious approach in your practice. Sometimes good enough is good enough :))

Wishing you a Happy Full Moon in Aquarius and a joyful Leo season!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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