From Sun in Cancer to Leo – July 2021

a couple of years ago

Be mindful of your motives, words and behavior on July 17, as the Sun opposes transforming Pluto. Pluto can move mountains (in a good way), create upheaval, cause death and destruction – or it can support breakthroughs in consciousness when utilized deliberately. 

If you want to make good use of the potential available to you, be strategic with your efforts rather than indulging in anger/revenge or baiting others by being oppositional or provocative. Also, notice the ways in which you give your power away by being in reaction to others (in real life or in your head). If you’re on social media, stay high.

Watch for power plays, manipulation or intense persuasion, as your own control issues can easily be triggered, especially issues around safety, well being and ideology. This includes health and updated mask rules, political issues and other fertile ground where you fear you’re being controlled. On this very day at 11:59pm PDT, the mask mandate has been reinstalled here in Los Angeles, for our protection (another Plutonian topic). It’s a touchy day… easy does it.

On July 20, Mercury sextiles Uranus, activating brilliance and innovative ideas, communications and connections. Be open to new perspectives, new contacts and thinking outside of the box, especially when problem-solving or planning for the future. 

Your genius or an unexpected call from out of the blue can happen in a flash! Stay tuned to what shows up for you, internally and externally, as well as what captures your attention. Remember, you create new neural pathways every time you do something different!

Venus leaves flashy Leo to enter humble Virgo on July 21-Aug 17, inviting you to focus on your health and well being, especially your diet and nourishing physical rituals (massage, yoga, pilates, walking, stretching). Virgo is analytical, so you may critique your style or home decor with an eye on releasing superfluous items or clutter, as Venus in Virgo loves order and a zen vibe (details matter!). 

Regarding relationships, Venus in Virgo expresses love by being of service to their partner and offering support in practical ways. Take advantage of this helpful, productive energy of harmony by developing healthy systems and routines. 

Venus opposes expansive Jupiter on July 22, activating indulgence, which can mean a splurge of some kind or a generous gift, with you as the giver and/or the receiver. Maybe you purchase a pricey item that will serve your wellness (Venus in Virgo). This can easily be a feeling of “I want that and I’m getting it!” which is great as long as you don’t overextend yourself. Enjoy – but be mindful of spending or other choices that could bring regret or a hangover :)) Then if you still want to proceed… party on!

A major shift occurs on July 22 as the Sun leaves sensitive Cancer for sunny Leo, CEO of the zodiac! The Sun in Leo rules creativity and Self-expression, leadership, romance and play. Time to focus on your Self and let your Light shine! Be the leader when deciding how you want to live your life, rather than taking cues or direction from others. Tune into your heart and feel what’s right for You! 

Make play and fun a priority, which is sorely needed after being locked down. Reawaken your childlike Self and indulge your playful spirit. Focus on what makes you happy, so you rise and shine! The better you feel, the higher your frequency is, which adds to the collective Light on the planet, that is needed now more than ever. Thank you for being your Self!

Stay tuned for incoming blessings, as gifts are being delivered all the time to help us awaken, rise up and grow, even when times are hard. Especially when times are hard.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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