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It’s 2019 and the energy is shifting (once again). With the new planetary expressions, you will face unprecedented experiences that require essential elements in order to navigate them successfully.  When your old ways stop working, you feel it…

Are you ready to shift into new ways of operating that will allow you to create the life you are meant to be living?

Good for soul

It’s time to be in alignment with and living your truth – because this is the only way to facilitate true peace within. When you feel off-balance you are not in alignment with your Authentic Self — and anything that’s not working is trying to get your attention.

You can’t get away with hiding, pretending, “acting as if,” suppressing or avoiding parts of yourself/your life, while living in ways that don’t really nurture your spirit. Maybe you don’t even know it’s possible to have a life that fits you! Maybe you believe that disappointment, struggle, discomfort or pain is just part of life.

Or maybe you fear that there is something wrong with you. Something you have to keep hidden.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital that you connect to the Truth of Who You Are —

discover why you’re here and learn to live as  your Authentic Self.

This is the path of Authenticity. This is a game-changer.


Knowing and embodying your Authentic Self will shift, enhance and deepen every aspect of your life. You will make decisions from the core of your being, rather than responding to external cues or the wishes of others (which changes everything!).

This isn’t just about what you do (your choices) – it’s about WHY you’re doing it.

Feel into these ideas:

  • Are you living your truth in all areas of your life (relationships, career, family, community, spiritually)?
  • Do you hide parts of yourself in order to fit in? Do you think you have to “tone it down” to be acceptable?
  • Do you believe that your past is affecting your future?
  • Do you monitor what you say, fearing that others will judge or reject you if you speak your truth?
  • Are you really clear about who you are, or are there parts of yourself that you’re afraid of or don’t understand?
  • Do you hide behind some role you’ve adopted to make others happy — or to fulfill other’s expectations?
  • Do you identify with the more pleasing parts of yourself while working to deny, suppress, hide or disguise others?


Whole peaceful

  • Do you ask for what you want or do you wait to see what others will offer? Or hope they notice your needs?
  • Do you have a self-imposed quota regarding how much you’re allowed to receive, request or require?
  • What names do you call yourself? Are they really true — and where did you pick those up?!
  • Does your current life reflect who you are now — or is it built around an older/former version of you?
  • What are you settling for that isn’t working for you? How does it affect your life?
  • What triggers you to abandon yourself — when you feel powerless, scared or separate?
  • Are you disabled by feelings of blame, fear, doubt or guilt?

Well, here’s the good news! You don’t have to live that way.


You are being asked to align with your Higher Self on all levels.

I know it can feel like a tall order, but this is THE path to align passion, peace, purpose and productivity – now! And there’s no time to wait. The more empowered you are, the lighter life becomes and the easier it is to handle anything that comes your way. And you attract different (better) things…

You attract different experiences from the higher expressions of your energy than you do in the lower. And wherever you are out of alignment, you are in a lower expression of an energy.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful teachers, guides, teachings and programs I’ve been blessed to experience – and the wisdom that I’ve acquired – and now I’m here to share the latest of the latest with you!

I have created a 4-module program, in which I’m sharing the essential elements necessary to create a life that joyfully supports you, and with the current Cosmic Reorganization  taking place, you need this NOW more than ever!


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Each week we will explore one of the following four modules:

1. Authenticity (Passion)
You will:

  • become clear about where you are out of alignment – and how to recognize it
  • learn what you need to do to align with your Authentic Self
  • discover where you are pretending or abandoning yourself – and are not being real
  • discover what’s really keeping you stuck, confused, feeling inadequate or behind
  • recognize where are you operating from a lower expression of energy in your life
  • become aware of what’s blocking you from living your truth
  • discern if you are addicted to approval – and where that shows up for you
  • learn what your level of Self-permission is and how to expand it
  • find the power and freedom of taking responsibility for, and owning, your truth!

You will become clear about where you’re out of alignment, in hiding, sabotaging yourself  – and you will learn new ways to live from your Authentic Self.


2. Alignment (Peace)
You will:

  • learn to focus on possibilities rather than obstacles
  • learn how to neutralize judgments, frustration and obstacles
  • understand the sabotage of negativity and how to choose peace
  • discover what are you attached to (and whether you want that or not!)
  • learn the power of being in integrity (honesty, self-responsibility) – not because of karma, but to align with your Higher Self
  • learn to tap into and align with what your Spirit wants
  • discover if (and how) you’re holding yourself (or another) hostage
  • discern if  you are addicted to approval – and rebellion
  • learn what your level of Self-permission, commitment and emotional discipline is
  • discover what you are resisting and protecting yourself from

You will learn new ways to free yourself from stress and fear and create the experience of peace and tranquility.


3. Offering (Purpose)
You will:

  • become clear about / aligned with your purpose (your astrology reading will guide you if you don’t know)
  • assess your gifts and decide how to contribute to something greater than yourself
  • connect with what you believe in and care about deeply
  • learn the difference between saying something and creating it
  • decide on a personal stretch that will move you forward in expressing your purpose
  • learn about your identity – who are you allowed to be – and not to be?
  • learn how to create rather than just stating affirmations
  • open to shifting your current reference points in order to have a new experience

You will re-evaluate your Self, connect with your unique gifts and find joyful ways to offer them to the world.


4. Creating (Joyful Productivity)
You will:

  • learn about the “new” security  (the old version is SO over!)
  • recognize your role model for productivity – and what that looked like
  • assess your style when creating – is it allowed to be easy, flowing, joyful – or hard work, fueled by lack?
  • learn how to create from your Higher Self, in flow (guided)
  • learn the habits that will support you as a Creator
  • learn what you must release in order to be joyfully productive
  • gain clarity about how you unconsciously sabotage your creativity
  • learn to stop, refocus and deliberately decide on your next steps when you are misaligned
  • begin to integrate fear and failure – and stabilize being successful
  • decide what stretch is required to make it possible for you to get in the game?

You will empower yourself to create with joy, ease, reverence and flow – making it the ultimate expression of abundance!

To thine own Self be true

You can not create inner peace, deep connection, true happiness and fulfillment if you are not aligned with your Authentic Self. Are you ready to awaken and take responsibility for creating the life that’s possible for you?

You don’t want to miss this!

I’d so love to guide you – with my teachings and your personal astrology session, know that you will receive tremendous support. Please give yourself this gift!

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